Jakarta Aquarium Review

Swirls & Jewels Tank
Hi, guys!
Visited Jakarta Aquarium located at Neo Soho Mall about a month ago and I thought I share my experience there with you! We went there on a weekday so the place was not crowded but it wasn't empty either, there were definitely other people around so it doesn't feel spooky (considering how dim lighted every area is). Entrance fee was Rp 175.000 or around US$13. We got another discount, not sure what kind of discount it was, but we ended up paying only Rp 150.000 or around $11.

The place is much nicer than Sea Life Sydney Aquarium and the entrance fee there was so much more expensive. It is quite spacious too! I did thought the aquarium would be a small one. There are upper and lower level. The upper level has more attractions than the lower level. So you'll enter on upper level and exit at lower level. Here is their map.

Diving Deep Exhibition

There is also an Underwater Theatrical Show! It was really fun to see mermaids for the first time. Albeit not the real one, of course, but it still feels magical. I watched Pearl of the South Sea and it was surprisingly good! The costumes were really detailed and the mermaids swam gracefully among the other fishes. Seats filling up fast especially on weekend so make sure to get to your seat at least 15 mins before the show starts. Oh, and you don't need to pay extra fee to see the show. There were also other attractions such as 5D Theatre (extra fee if you get the regular ticket), feeding time, and touch pool area for more info, here are the shows schedule.

Posing in front of Habitat of Indonesia area.

Yellow Tank fishes! I love them.
Feeding time at Southern Sea Gallery.

We had dinner at Pingoo Restaurant and despite the waitresses poor service, I still had a good time watching the penguins swam around. I found them to be extra cute when they dive. My fish and chips were so so. Definitely not worth the price tag. But hey, I guess you're paying for the experience.

I would definitely recommend people to visit Jakarta Aquarium altho maybe avoid the weekend. Fridays are probably your best bet if you're busy. I had a great time and the staff were all nice (unlike the Pinto's), all smiles, so helpful, and informative . If you need more convincing, you can watch our experience in Jakarta Aquarium in this video down below.

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