Givenchy Mini Antigona Mini Review

I recently purchased a Givenchy mini antigona in oil blue (or petrol color some people say) on an instagram store @legaleriesusan (I know, I know what was I thinking??) but the seller has a reputable sheet of selling authentic stuff and I did not see one complain and the bag has a Reebonz invoice so I was quite confident about buying there. It came very fast (about 3 days) from Surabaya, which usually takes around 4 to 5 days. I fell in love with the color and the leather smell is not too overwhelming, which is good.

Common Grounds Bandung

Before we get in and talk about Common Grounds Bandung, I would like to announce that I will be away for two weeks so the blog might be a little quiet. I have one more post scheduled for Friday but that's pretty much it. I'll be back for a while, however, I'm not sure if I would be able to squeeze in time for blogging. And do send me your positive vibes and thoughts because I haven't been feeling well for the past month. So yeah.. There's that.

On another note, this post is about the recently opened & much popular brunch spot in Bandung, Common Grounds. Originally from Jakarta, all of us here in Bandung were excited and obviously, we poured over here non-stop. I visited this place twice and the place was always packed.

Long Vest for Fall

long vest - Helo Strangers // crop top - H&M // skorts - Cloth Inc
silver floral necklace - Saint Peters // watch - Michael Kors
Petit 2Jour Bag - Fendi // monster bag charm - Petit Monstre
ankle strap white sandals - Zara

Layering is really the key to staying warm during chiller months and what better way to do it than rocking a long vest! So cool and sophisticated chic. Here in Indonesia we only have two seasons but the weather indeed is getting colder and I'm happily pulling out my favorite outerwear. Been constantly wearing black and white these days thanks to my ulcer problem, I couldn't be bother to think about mix and matching colors. Boohoo.. I miss not feeling nausesous all the time. 
Oh! And also, since I have been rocking black and white more often, I also have been wearing my red lipstick more often. This one is by YSL Rouge Pur Couture 01. I have this for a year and it's definitely my go-to red shade. Such a creamy texture with a slight matte finish :)
Have a lovely day, all!

Beach Wishlist by Yoins

I am going to Bali at the end of this month hence the wishlist! I am so stoked about this trip because I'll be going with my friends to attend a dear friend wedding. Anyway, as you can see, I'm all about prints for Bali because prints is always so lively against the ocean blue backdrop :)
My favorite is between the playsuit and the gladiator!
Anyway, wishing everyone an amazing day. Don't forget to visit Yoins for more shopping experience.

Peachy Pink

top and culottes - @helostrangers (ig)
ankle strap heels - Zara

Is it peach is it pink? I have no idea. Sometimes a customer would ask is it a peach color or is it a very light pink color? I would just say.. Well.. It looks a lot like the one in the photos.. Haha. Personally, I would say this one is a bubblegum pink. All agree?
Anyway, I have a wedding this weekend. And ... I do not know what to wear! I feel like I have worn everything for all those wedding invites. But I'm sure I'll come up with something :)
Have an awesome weekend, all!

Hutan Babakan Siliwangi Bandung Park

floral top - SugarKleren // green sateen skirt - tailor made
watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs // MAB mini tote - Rebecca Minkoff
green wrap bracelet - Tory Burch // sandals - Little Things She Need

Hutan Babakan Siliwangi is well .. sort of a park, I guess, which is located in Bandung obviously. I come to know this place from a weekly news on my church and my bf' church. It looks very photogenic in pictures but it's not as impressive as I thought it would be, despite the fact that I do love  how the photos turned out :)

This place is lovely despite the vandalism. And it was rather crowded altho taking photos comfortably is still possible. In fact, there was a family doing a photoshoot there. And another young people in groups doing video shoot of something. I do believe it's a cool spot to take outfit photos! Especially with earthy fall tones like I adorned here.

Anyway, I edited this photo with Photoshop using Creamy Luxe action from
They have ah-mazing actions (you can say.. filter.. altho not quite the same) and if you're familiar editing photos with photoshop, I highly suggest you to visit.

Kimono Outer + Culottes Combo

kimono outer + culottes - Helo Strangers
heels - Zara
Taking a black and white outfit up a knotch with a kimono outer and culottes combo.
Loungewear that you can wear outside is the dream.
Have an awesome Monday, all!

Back Alley Coffee and Kitchen Bandung

Hi guys, it has been a while since I posted! I have no reasons except that I don't have anything to write. I don't feel like doing an outfit post lately so I thought I'll just do a foodie post :) 
This one is Back Alley which is relatively new.. Not as new as Old Ben's tho. This is actually my second visit and despite their bitter coffee (not that it's bad just not my taste), it is the hip place right now so it's quite inevitable to visit. 

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