Back Alley Coffee and Kitchen Bandung

Hi guys, it has been a while since I posted! I have no reasons except that I don't have anything to write. I don't feel like doing an outfit post lately so I thought I'll just do a foodie post :) 
This one is Back Alley which is relatively new.. Not as new as Old Ben's tho. This is actually my second visit and despite their bitter coffee (not that it's bad just not my taste), it is the hip place right now so it's quite inevitable to visit. 

As you can see, interior is industrial with touches of tiny cactuses and terarriums. I love terrariums. Other than that, nothing really special. I used to love industrial theme but then they starts to become overused hence now I'm not a fan. 

I only ordered Creme Brule (31k) and it was not as sweet as expected. The coffee is way stronger than other coffee shops, IMHO. I did a little bit tempted to try their perfectly looking croissants. On my previous visit, I ordered a pasta which was too salty and portion is very very small. People did pointed out that their best selling menu is pork ribs. But I don't like pork, so .. there's that. Included below is the menu.

Price wise, it was normal. Service wise, nothing special. If any, a bit lacking and not very friendly. But that's okay, I don't expect them to smile all the time. Altho I do expect them to stop making faults when delivering customer's order on a full house. Will I suggest people to visit? Their drinks menu does has variety so I would definitely suggest people to come and try their Nutella Shake in the future ;)

Have a great weekend, all!

Back Alley Coffee & Kitchen
Jalan Pesantren Wetan no. 20 (daerah Pandu)
+62 22 91560665


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