Common Grounds Bandung

Before we get in and talk about Common Grounds Bandung, I would like to announce that I will be away for two weeks so the blog might be a little quiet. I have one more post scheduled for Friday but that's pretty much it. I'll be back for a while, however, I'm not sure if I would be able to squeeze in time for blogging. And do send me your positive vibes and thoughts because I haven't been feeling well for the past month. So yeah.. There's that.

On another note, this post is about the recently opened & much popular brunch spot in Bandung, Common Grounds. Originally from Jakarta, all of us here in Bandung were excited and obviously, we poured over here non-stop. I visited this place twice and the place was always packed.

Interior wise, I don't see anything special. It's very coffe-shop like. And the place is semi-outdoor so day time, it gets hot and night time, it'll get chilly. I guess it's charming with the semi-outdoor because of the fresh air and the natural lighting but I'm not a fan of the smoking area everywhere. 

Truffle Fries (15k) and Mango A Go Go (45k) 
So truffle fries is not on the menu but somehow they made it for us haha. 
I love the mango a go go, it has thick texture with a balanced taste between sour and sweet.

 Egg Bennedict (68k) and Iced Cappuccino (30k)
A lot of people said that Common Ground's egg bennedict is the best in town. 
I'm not sure I'm validated enough to judge that since I don't eat a lot of egg bennedict.
 However, I can say that this one is so good but it can be too creamy for one, IMHO.
The cappuccino I do like, after I add it with a lot of sugar. LOL

 My favorite! Naked Burrito (66k)
So I ordered this on my very 1st visit and I absolutely loved it. 
Dare I say, I would order this again and again pretty much everytime I'll visit. 
On top is lots and lots of green with two eggs, chorizos, and on the bottom is flavored rice. 

Breakfast Burrito (65k)
Since the naked burrito was sold out on my 2nd visit, I tried their other burrito and it wasn't as good as naked burrito. 
There were no meat inside but there's egg for protein and the hashbrown is yummy.

Their exterior is white brick wall which I absolutely adore. I actually planned to have a wall of white bricks on my new house (in the next 2 years or so) just to take outfit photos. LOL. Service-wise was good. Despite the hecticness, the usher at the front was all smile and there's this one waiter that was so fun to ask questions to. He was super nice and helpful despite how tired-looking and sweaty he was at 2 PM. But I didn't see him on my 1st visit so maybe he's only there on weekend. I'll make sure I get a name on my next visit when I see him :)

Food and drinks come out fast enough but not with impressive speed. For me, taste and portion is balance with the price. Indeed it is pricier than the usual coffe houses/brunch spots in Bandung but to be honest, you can really taste the different ;)

Included below is their menu. Have a nice day, all!

Common Grounds Bandung
Jalan Setiabudi no. 49-51 (satu kompleks dengan Brussel Springs, Seorae, Blackball, dll)
Mon - Sun from 10AM to 10PM
Cash only for now


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