Effortless Chic with Tied Tops

Happy weekend, folks!
I found people always look effortlessly chic on weekends. I finally found the perfect tied top to create that elusive feel! A tied top is quite popular here in Indonesia especially Jakarta. I haven't seen many in Bandung. I do love how it cinch in the waist and just super flattering on every type of body. I combined it with a 3/4 pipe pants and my oldie but goodie black loafers plus a chain necklace for a finishing touch :)
So what do you wear for a lazy weekend?

LOL Ice Cream Bandung

So happy to finally tried out this ice cream place! It opened last year and took my instagram as well as my path timeline by storm. I feel like at least three times a week I saw a friend posted their photos of LOL ice cream. The price is very reasonable. You'll get three scoops of flavor of your choice with 4 kind of toppings for only 25rb. They have tiramisu, chocolate, cappuccino, bubble gum, thai tea, green tea, cookies and cream, vanilla, mint chocolate, rhum raisin, and mango.

Gong Xi Gong Xi

Xin Nian Kuai Le! Gong xi fa chai :)
Happy New Year! Wishing you more wealth/success.

A few days ago, we're Chinese ethnic celebrated our Chinese New Year and those two sentences are pretty much being thrown out everytime we meet our family member. Most of us wear qipao or cheongsam (Chinese traditional outfit) to our family gathering (we're Asians hold family values very highly) but anything red is expected. We love reds on CNY because we believe the devils are afraid of this bright vibrant color. Red also often symbolize celebration in Chinese culture.

Lace Romance

Happy Valentine's Day!
A simple yet cute outfit for a Valentine's Day with pink lace top and floral skirt. 
Nothing says romantic like a lace fabric can do. 
Wishing you a day full of love :)

Tory Burch Adalyn Clutch

I first saw this clutch when a friend of mine was wearing it for a day getaway to Jakarta. She was wearing the brown version and I thought "that looks cute". A few weeks later I went to the Tory Burch flagship store in Jakarta but they only have black, brown, and red. I already bought a black sling bag a month before so I wanted a gold one since it's basically a neutral color and I did plan to wear it as a clutch for parties. After a few days of searching, I found one online and it was 30% off store price. Yeay! I love how versatile this one is. You can wear it as a crossbody or a clutch (FYI, I'm 5 foot 2, or 156cm). The straps are removable and I love the woven details.

Blue and Maroon

Never thought this two color will ever look good together but in this print, the two works beautifully! I have been a fan of floral prints for over five years now and I still can't get enough of them. It seems like the textile people keep coming out with better and more unique garments each time. I mean, if you look at vintage floral prints, they are smaller, more delicate, and the colors are so much less vibrant than nowadays print. It's fascinating when you realize something like that and watch how not only the model/cut of the fashion items that evolves, but the color and prints as well. Make you wonder how the outfits in the next twenty years are going to be! 

District29 Bandung

cape blazer - House of Fabolous, top - c/o Laku.com , jeans - Alcott
heels - Rotelli, bag - Fendi 2Jours

Visited District 29 located at Jalan Bungur a few weeks ago. The place is located, again, super near to my house so I ended up came back twice in the same week after my first visit on Wednesday. My experiences there have been pleasant except for the slow waiters. They look like they're doing this for the very first time (pretty sure they are) so taking orders were slow and they don't memorize the menu (unlike my very favorite cafe, Herbs and Spice, where all the waiters and waitresses can take orders without even writing them down and throw in menu's names complete with the detail of the dish when I'm not sure what to order). But other than that, it was an okay service. Food is good if you know what to order. Price is normal by Bandung standard.

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