Gong Xi Gong Xi

Xin Nian Kuai Le! Gong xi fa chai :)
Happy New Year! Wishing you more wealth/success.

A few days ago, we're Chinese ethnic celebrated our Chinese New Year and those two sentences are pretty much being thrown out everytime we meet our family member. Most of us wear qipao or cheongsam (Chinese traditional outfit) to our family gathering (we're Asians hold family values very highly) but anything red is expected. We love reds on CNY because we believe the devils are afraid of this bright vibrant color. Red also often symbolize celebration in Chinese culture.

Koi fishes are also a usual sight in our Chinese culture and the more traditional family always have fish based dishes because the word fish in Mandarin looks a lot like wealth/prosperity. My family are not the most traditional so we just get together, the unmarried excitingly wait for our angpao (red envelopes with money inside from married/older couples given to help the younger ones get away from bad things), and we eat plenty of food! 

Anyway, I hope everybody is having a good Monday!
I just thought I'd share some history of CNY because I always love to know about other cultures :)

crop top - Look Boutique, chain necklace & floral skirt - Helo Strangers (instagram @helostrangers),
gold watch & crossbody bag - Michael Kors, red bow flats - Nine West


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