LOL Ice Cream Bandung

So happy to finally tried out this ice cream place! It opened last year and took my instagram as well as my path timeline by storm. I feel like at least three times a week I saw a friend posted their photos of LOL ice cream. The price is very reasonable. You'll get three scoops of flavor of your choice with 4 kind of toppings for only 25rb. They have tiramisu, chocolate, cappuccino, bubble gum, thai tea, green tea, cookies and cream, vanilla, mint chocolate, rhum raisin, and mango.

We got green tea, thai tea, and cookies and cream. All tastes okay and for the price, it might even be good. I do love the cup. It's so cute with the pale pink and tiny polkadots.

Space is small but it doesn't feel small. Maybe because it wasn't crowded. The place could probably hold 20 people max. The true blue accent feels fresh and calming. Overall, I don't love the interior but surely I don't hate it.

LOL - Lick Over Lips
Jalan Emong no. 20a (dekat Tahu Tidur, daerah Burangrang)
Instagram @lol_lickoverlips

Do you like ice creams? I prefer cakes anytime of the day but it's always so refreshing on a sunny day :)


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