Pastels in Pisa

Piazza dei Miracoli or also known as Piaza del Duomo is basically a vast area with three main buildings. The two buildings you see in this picture is Duomo or Cathedral and on the back of it, is Leaning Tower of Pisa. The third building is a round Roman building called The Baptistery (pic below). One of the most memorable thing about this Piaza is how clean and magnificent the condition of the buildings are. It looks like it belongs in postcards only but thankfully, it exists in real life :)

When in Rome

Hello I hope you enjoy the pictures because Rome is not just some city that you can tour around in one day. There are so many historical architecture everywhere where you can spend a whole day venturing in one building. But one day just have to do because we were racing against time to return our rented mini bus.
Wishing all of you a good Monday!

Blue Doors Coffee Bandung Review

There isn't much hype about this particular coffee shop and I guess it has to do with the the lack of strategic spot. We actually went back and forth to find this place. I love the rustic industrial ambiance that I find very fitting for coffee shops as much as I'm not a fan of industrial interior. I think the Blue Doors idea is brilliant. It's simple yet striking and very easy to remember.

Beehive Cafe and Eatery Bandung Review

It has been a while since my last foodie post! 
Which seems wrong so here are two of them for your weekend ideas.
I love delicious food as much as the girl next door and I love those kind of meals even better when it comes with a good ambiance and lovely interior design.

I feel a lot of thought has been put when it comes to the theme and the decoration. As soon as I walked in, the first thought that came in was spacious. I think that is one of their biggest concern, too make sure that each customer will be able to eat and talk in peace without any fear of claustrophobia.

Hidden Gem of Italy

Yes I'm talking about Garda, the biggest lake in Italy. I have never heard about this lovely city by the lake and boy, don't I happy that my aunt and uncle insisted us to go there. That's the thing about going around the continent you have never stepped in before with local people. They just know where to find the hidden gem.

Anyway, in case any of you haven't heard already, I made another instagram account especially for my blog. Do follow @EscapeSweetest instagram since I'm not updating anything blog related on my personal account :)

The City of Romeo and Juliet

As you probably can guess already, my smart readers, these set of pictures are from Verona. Now, if you have no idea that Romeo and Juliet' story background is in Verona, you might want to brush up your English and re-read that Shaksepeare play once more.

I was so excited to visit Casa di Giulietta a.k.a Juliet's home. Unfortunately as fate had it, our stars did not crossed at all. The rest of the tours were all tired and the mothers and fathers stay behind at McDonalds while the youngsters and spirited ventured to Piazza Bra for sightseeing and of course, taking pics in this monumental Arena di Verona. 

Greetings from Venice

All smiles on my very first gondola ride!
Venice is such a historical place with old buildings practically everywhere. I was a little underwhelmed by the smelly water but I decided to just enjoy and soak in everything while I was in the moment. Riding a gondola is on my to-do-list and so I happily marking a check on the box. It is the perfect way to make sure you see every corner of this magical city.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and have a lovely day, all!

La Bertoletta

A highly recommended place to stay the night for you who travels around Italy! The place is beautiful and cozy. There is also a pool and I suggested to stay in the apartments instead of the hotel just for more privacy. The indoors are very home-like with kitchen and dining room inside. Visit La Bertoletta page for a complete information. Anyway, next post is from Venice!

Greetings from Mount Titlis, Zurich

Hello and greetings, my fellow bloggers!
Apologize for such long hiatus. After my three weeks vacation, I had a sudden blogger lazyness in me but I decided to fight it off by posting now.
Here are a set of pictures from Mount Titlis located in Zurich, Switzerland. This mountain is such a true beauty one couldn't help but to marvel of God's artistic favor for us. Being someone from a two weather country, I was completely amazed and so grateful to ever see this mountain with my very own set of eyes.
Although surrounded by snow, I wasn't feeling cold at all. It was a perfect temperature. Perhaps because we only stop at the 1st stop instead going all the way up (too pricey!). So I let you to enjoy the pictures and do look forward for my next vacation posts :)

Have a great week ahead!

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