New Year 2019 Outfit Ideas

Hi, guys!
I hope everyone is having a great holiday. And I know it’s a little late but I want to share with you three looks for new year’s Eve. All are rather covered up since I’m not a very sexy lady. But without further ado here they are.

Merry Christmas 2018

Hi, guys!
I just want to pop in real quick to say Merry Christmas to all. I hope all of you remember the reason of the season, which is the birth of our saviour. Happy birthday, dear Jesus.

"For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given and the government will be on His shoulder. And He will be called Wonderful Counsellor, mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace."

My 1st Time Christmas Decorating at Home

Hi, blogosphere!
Boy o boy, it's been a hot minute, you guys. To be honest I haven't been blogging because I seriously had no idea what to post. And well, life has been getting in the way. But anyway, here I am back for a brand new post. 

If you haven't been following along, I moved to my new house from my old apartment early this year.  Last year, I didn't really decorate my apartment for Christmas. Just a little Christmas tree. However, now that I actually own a house, I decided to give a go on decorating. 

Pinterest was my main source of inspiration, obviously. I also didn't want to go over the top. I didn't really create a budget, I just make sure I didn't go a certain amount of money on an item. And since we bought every single thing since this is our first Christmas, I only decorate the ground floor and the second floor is pretty much bare.

An Insider’s View To Martial Arts Whilst Holidaying In China

Image Source: Unsplash

Hi, guys!
China and Martial arts have gone hand in hand for centuries. With a steep history and origins in this form of fighting, it all begins here. So, if you are a fan of martial arts and are heading to China on a vacation soon, you are going to be in the right place. 

Firstly, it’s good to get clued up on some of the best places to visit whilst you’re there to make the most of your time. If you are a passionate martial art fan and enjoy the classic Bruce Lee movies, this is a great article for you. Booking one of those tailor made China tours and holidays 2019 may be convenient for you.

My Favourite TV Shows to Unwind

Hi, guys!
I know I haven't been checking in for quite some time. I have no excuses except the fact that life has been crazy and I have been preoccupied with my health. However, since I am currently on a 3 days rest holiday at home, I decided to put up a post. Today, I want to share my favourite TV shows to unwind.

Holidays can be stressful with all the rush of gift-shopping, all the decorating, not to mention all those Christmas parties and dinners. I personally love meeting up with family and friends but a lot of them on a short span of time can be draining for an introvert like me. Therefore, I always like to unwind with my favourite TV shows.

October Favorites

Hi, guys!
I know I know I am very late, but it's been a sick-ish week for me so I've been focusing to rest. I am feeling a tad better tho; so without further ado, here are a few of my favourite things in this spooky month!

Festive Ready with Your Phone Case

Hi, guys.
Basically, as soon as Halloween over,  I'm all about Christmas. I usually have about 3 to 4 Christmas events to attend every year so it's important to be festive ready! Your phone case is usually overlooked when it comes to dressing up. But since us millennials have our phone in our hand 75% of our waking hours, it's crucial that our phone case doesn't interfere with our perfect outfit. 
For festive season, I always have two cases ready. One for everyday (always Christmas themed) and one for a fancier event; like this gold one. I feel like gold is the perfect color for your phone case since it goes perfect with both Christmas and New Year theme. 

6 Days Seoul, Korea Itinerary

Hi, guys!
I'm sorry it took me two months to finally do a recap of my travels in Seoul. I was bit distracted with Netflix and The Sims lately. Which is no excuse but enough chit chat. Without further ado, here are my 6 days in Seoul, Korea.

The Top Eateries in Moscow

Image Source : Flickr

If you and your partner have finally booked that bucket-list trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway, Moscow is your obvious starting point, as all three lines connect in Russia’s capital city. Once you have arrived in this unique metropolis, you simply must spend at least 5 days touring the various areas of the city. Moscow is the most northern mega city and the climate can be very extreme, with minus 40 temperatures during the winter months. Aside from the breath-taking colourful architecture, Moscow is host to some of the best restaurants in Russia, and with that in mind, here are a few of the restaurants you won’t want to miss.

  1. Café Pushkin - This is where you are likely to see Moscow’s rich and famous, and this unique 19th century aristocrat-style property is a slice of pre-revolution Russia, with oak beams on a high ceiling and intricate wood carved walls. If you want to experience the food and service that is normally reserved for Russian aristocracy, Cafe Pushkin is one dining establishment you really should experience. If you are looking to try Trans Siberian railway tours 2019, an early booking is recommended as this iconic train journey is always in high demand, especially in the summer months.
  2. Buono - Situated on the 29th floor of the Royal Raddison Hotel, Buono offers the very best views of the city, so you will have to make reservations well in advance. The well-known Italian chef, William Lamberti, has created a superb classic Italian menu, and a window table is recommended for the best views of the city at night. The wine list is indeed special, with vintage years from all the best wineries in Italy and parts of France.
  3. Mari Vanna - This establishment is very much a guarded secret, and if you manage to find the secret door, a wonderful dining experience awaits. The interior décor is a perfect replica of how a typical Russian restaurant would have looked fifty years ago, with tasty stews, puddings and dumplings that personify home cooking. This small but very popular restaurant requires a telephone booking, as it is always busy, and with branches in London, New York and Los Angeles, you can enjoy this very special ambience whenever you happen to be in these cities.
  4. Uzbekistan - Noted as one of the oldest restaurants in Moscow, Uzbekistan offers the diner a unique experience, with period furniture and quaint accessories. The Uzbek menu contains dishes like manty, mutton, chuchvara and pilaf, which are great examples of this little known cuisine. Entertainment includes local belly dancers and on weekends, you can enjoy cockfighting at this friendly and busy eatery.
  5. Bar Strelka - If you are into healthy eating, this is the place for you, with salads, grilled meat and seafood, which is a refreshing change from the carb-heavy Russian menus. The terrace offers unrivalled views of The Kremlin and the Moskva River and at night time, this dining establishment comes alive with a host of DJs and even live jazz performances at the weekends.

One thing is for sure, you are not short of choices for dining in Moscow and with a little exploring, there are quaint little eateries hidden in every side street.

Kinda A Pumpkin Patch

Hi, guys!
I live in a tropical country so despite the fact that we do know about pumpkin, we don't have the fall weather. And there's no pumpkin patch whatsoever. Hence, this Halloween decor in a mall near my house is basically the closest thing we could have as a pumpkin patch. We did kinda get the orange theme at least, right?
Anyway, just popping in real quick. I am currently working on my Seoul Itinerary but somehow this laziness feeling just won't go away. It's been a good two weeks so I hope this series of lethargic-ness end soon. Also, have you prepped your Halloween costume? I have an idea and I already have all the items in my closet, I just need one more accessory which I made need to DIY it. 

Happy Friday and wishing everyone a great weekend ahead!

3 Ways to Wear Leopard Print

Hi, guys!
Leopard print is one of the most enduring print in the history of fashion. It is most popular during fall and this print is having a moment this year! Despite its popularity, lots of people avoid this print because they afraid to look "old' or "cheap"or well . . like a cougar. 
I believe the key is to choose the right kind of prints. I always stick to the most natural color; aka brown and black combo. I try my best to steer away from other colours than that. Pink, yellow, blue, or even orange; I will not pick it up. Also, how the item fits you is very important. I avoid anything tight-fitting and lean toward looser items. With that two keys in mind, I'm sure you'll rock any leopard print item! 

Here I put together three looks featuring leopard print.

September Favorites

Hi, guys!
I finally have some new stuff that are favorites this month. Granted, two of them are from my Korea trip. And obviously, my Korea trip definitely made it to the list! Without further ado, here are a few of my favorite things in the month of September.

Fall Lookbook

Hi, guys!
I originally wanted to do a video but I'm being realistic here. I still have hours of footages from my Seoul trip and I'm only halfway of being finished with that vlog. Therefore, being the Virgo that I am, I decided to just do my Fall Lookbook here on this blog. Without further ado, here are five looks to help you get through your week.

Starfield Library at COEX Mall, Seoul

Hi, guys!
On the last day, after checking out from hotel, my husband and I had about 3 hours before we have to get back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and then head to the airport. We were planning to fly our drone at Han Gang Drone Park. Alas, it rained. Quickly I suggested to visit Starfield Library. This library was exactly in our itinerary but we missed it.

We took a bus from the hotel and it was quite a ride. About 45 mins from Myeongdong. We rushed inside and immediately wow-ed. This library is huge. With 13 meters tall bookcase and said to have 50.000 books, this library is pretty much a bookworm dream comes true.

Renting Hanbok in Seoul

Hi guys!
Hanbok experience is definitely the highlight of my Korea trip. I tried a hanbok once with a tour back in 2011 and I love it! It was a studio pic tho so we only had it on for a while. Also, it was a simplified version of a hanbok. It was also without any hair piece or handbag. This time around, I wanted to get the full experience. Including walking around wearing a hanbok.

Day Trip from Seoul : Nami Island and Petite France

Hi, guys!
Before I jump in to posting itinerary, as per usual, I would like to talk more in-depth about places that I feel special; that I feel deserves its own post. I have three posts in total and first up is Nami Island and Petite France. I put these two place in one post since they are closely located to each other and you can book a day tour to visit this two place.
If you are interested in visiting Nami Island and Petite France, definitely book a day tour instead going on your own. It is quite a journey from Seoul and you'd end up feeling tired already from the commute instead of saving your energy to explore.

August Favorites

Hi, guys!
I am so sorry for posting super late but I haven't been feeling well after my trip to Korea. It took about a week for me to recover. I am feeling much better now after two acupuncture session tho! Therefore, without further ado, here are a few of my favorite things in the month of August.

5 Must Eat Korean Food in Seoul ( Restaurant Version)

Hi, guys!

I just got back home yesterday from my Seoul trip. Before I jump in to posting itinerary and outfit posts, I want to share with you 5 must eat Korean food while in Seoul. This one is a restaurant version since there will be a street food version on the next post. Let's get started!

White Crater Bandung

Hi, guys!
I am leaving for a one week vacation tomorrow to Seoul, Korea and I want to share one last post before I leave. Visited White Crater or also known to us, Kawah Putih, last week. As you can see from the pics, the places is gorgeous and it's actually my 1st time here! It's embarrassing I know.
White Crater located not in the city of Bandung itself, but in Mt. Patuha, about two hours drive from the city. To get there, the best way is to rent a car and hire a local driver. You can just rent it for a day since it is mostly a day trip. There is also Rancaupas where you can play with deers which is in the same area. About 20mins drive from White Crater. Other than that, there really isn't that much else.

Dresses for Fall

Hi, guys!
It is the last bits of summer and I want to share with you a few dresses option for fall. We all need to get our head in the game of preparing fall outfit. I am a girly girl and I don't need too much motivation to wear a dress no matter what the season (or occasion for that matter). Here I present to you, three chic dresses for fall from Design Dresses. 

Transition Your Summer Outfit to Fall

Hi, guys!

Greetings from Santorini, well, not the real Santorini but a hallway make to have the bearings of Santorini. Anyway, as the very long title indicates, I want to share you my secret weapon to transition my summer outfit to fall---the denim jacket.

The Pirates Bay Bali

Hi, guys!
I have been dealing with a family emergency these past two weeks so I just want to check in real quick and share with you a nice fun place we visited in Bali last month called The Pirates Bay Bali.
We went there on a weekday for an early lunch so the place was pretty much empty. There were probably three other groups but since the place is spacious, it still feels private.
This place is a completely outdoor area. So it will be a really bad idea to come here if it's raining. There were some construction in front of the place hence it wasn't very conducive. There's no entry fee whatsoever you just need to order like a normal restaurant. 

Little Collins Bandung Review

Hi, guys!
Weekend means eating out, am I rite? Well if you happen to be in Bandung, I would recommend Little Collins located at Jalan Sumatera (next to Sushi Tei). We went there last Saturday for a lunch date and the place was empty. To be fair we got there around 11AM and by the time we leave (around 12.30) the place started filling up.

Opened in early May this year, Little Collins introduced itself as a first of its kind which is a Kitchen & Tropical Bar. And indeed, I did feel transported into one of a hip cafe in Bali. Even the songs played were just like the ones you'd hear in Bali. 

July Favorites

Hi, guys!
I feel like I just wrote June Favourites post and now here I am sitting and typing for July's. I do feel like time flew by. We are halfway through 2018! And pretty soon it'll be Halloween, and then Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and 2019 is right around the corner.
But anyway, July has been uneventful. I mean, Bali was fun but nothing really happened so my favorites this month is not that much. Without further ado, here are a few of my favourite things this July.

Gucci GG Marmont Matelasse Shoulder Bag in Small Review

Hi, guys!
Honestly, I didn't have any intention to do a review when I purchased my bag since there are tons of great reviews out there but 90% of those great reviews are in video form so I thought I make a written one since videos sometimes hard to understand for people who doesn't speak English as their mother tongue. Also, anyone can just copy this whole post and have google translate it to any language they understand. So with that in thought, here we go.

Hair Talk

Hi, guys!
It's been a while since I did a sponsored post so I do hope you don't mind :)
Anyway, these two photos are taken only a few days apart. The left is in Melbourne and the right is in Sydney. Notice any difference?
'The hair, obviously', you'd say sarcastically.
But really, I do love a good hair extension. It's the easiest way to give your look a little "oomph" in a matter of minutes. I dyed my hair a few shades lighter so my extension doesn't really work anymore (sad face) but I am considering to turned back to my old hair color for the sake of wearing this extension again. LOL. My priorities are weird, I know. I also, getting kinda tired going back and forth to the salon every 3-4 months. 
So if you/re in the market of hair extensions, click the Read More button.

Jogjakarta Two Days Itinerary

Hi, guys!
I can't believe it's been two weeks since my trip to Jogjakarta and I have no excuse for putting this off except for the fact that I am indeed lazy. I spent way too much of my free time on my phone and on my TV. 
I went to Jogjakarta a few times already. Once when I was a kid with my family, once when I was in high school with the school, once with my sis and a friend, and this time, I went with my husband. The last time I went to Jogjakarta was in 2013, and boy o boy, this city has changed. For the better, I know, but it's no longer as authentic as it was. I can see skyscraper hotels creeping in and more and more malls are being built. While I'm all about progress, it's just always a bittersweet feeling when You say goodbye to anything. But anyway, here is a recap of our two days in the historic city of Jogjakarta.

Resoinangun Garden Jogjakarta

Hi, guys!
I thought I'd kickstart my Jogjakarta posts with this picturesque postcard worthy flower field; Resoinangun Garden. This garden is not located in the city of Jogjakarta itself but a little bit out of town; Bantul. The garden is about 30 to 40 minutes from my hotel (Greenhost Boutique Hotel) via car which we rented. Car rental was 300 thousand rupiah/day. 

Summer Amongst Sunflowers

Hi, guys!
Apologies for the lame title, if you follow me on my instagram, you are well aware that I am indeed having a cough and a cold so my drugged up brain can only come up with that title.
But anyway, I am most grateful that this sunflower field is located in a mall rooftop near to my house so I can visit it whenever I want to. Confession, I visited the garden once before we took this pic just to see if its quiet enough for me to shoot a video. And thank goodness, the garden is rather empty. I am sometimes (well,most of the time) over prepared.

June Favorites

Hi, guys!

Apologies for the lack of posts; like I said, I have been focusing on my youtube channel lately and all my free time is spent on creating new videos. But obviously I could not miss my monthly favorites post, so without further ado, here are a few of my favorite things this June month.

The Belt Bag Debate

Fanny pack, belt bag, whatever you call it, you know this old retro style bag is coming back. We first saw them running around about a year ago exclusively on the biggest most stylish bloggers but now even mere mortals like us starts buying this type of bag. 
Now I do confess, it's one of the trend that I wasn't sure going to be picked up. I mean, matching suits are great and all, but it's not that wearable for us normal people who likes to be casual and comfortable. However, this belt bag, due to its casual and yet now-renounced-as-stylish quality, is being picked up and mass produced by stores like Zara and Forever21, they are coming up with this style of bag.
If you're thinking about buying it, you might want to read the entire post first before you click that add to cart button.

May Favourites

Hi, guys!
I am finally feeling better; after a week of coughing and sneezing, I truly feel like 100% today. Hence, without further ado, here are a few things that I have been loving in the month of May.

Sea Como Sea at Black Bird Hotel Bandung

Hi, guys!
It has been a good while since I posted a cafe/restaurant review. Ever since the house is finished, my husband and I have really become a home-body and ordered in A LOT. But I thought we shouldn't be too much of a hermit so we decided to try out a new place near our house. 
Sea Como Sea is located at Black Bird Hotel (across Maja House) and we went there on a Sunday afternoon. We had our lunch so we just want to grab some desert. The place was packed considering the space is small. You might be able to bring a maximum of 10person but nothing more unless you'd want to split tables. (Below pics looks empty because we sat for a a good amount of time until people were leaving. LOL)

Peranakan Houses at Joo Chiat Road Singapore

Hi, guys!
This post is going to be short and sweet mostly because there isn't that much to talked about here. On the last full day of our trip, we took a stroll to the past around Joo Chiat Road surrounded by peranakan houses.

National Gallery Singapore

Hi, guys!
Before I jump in to post about our itinerary for our last trip in Singapore and Malacca, I want to talk about in-depth on places that I feel special enough for its own post. This particular place is special for so many reasons. One being that I saw a bunch of paintings from Indonesian artists. The other reason being it has gorgeous art-deco vintage decor. Anyway, without further ado, here is National Gallery Singapore.

Five Fashion Lessons I Got from My Mom

Hi, guys!
Mother's Day is just around the corner and I've seen this kind of post before (Pinterest, I think?) but it's always a fun one to read so I thought I'd do it too! 
My mom is a very fashion-conscious woman, she has always been, but when I was a kid, I didn't think much about it. Only when I'm in uni and started to get really into fashion that I realized how stylish my mom is. She loves shopping and I know I got my shopping habit from her. But what I love about her is that she always manages to take current trends in a way that is hers and nothing that screams "trying to hard". She always looks put-together and proper. Hence, without further ado, here are five fashion lessons I got from my mom.

My 8th Blog Anniversary : Now and Then

Tomorrow marks the eight year since I first clicked that Post button and boy oh boy it has been a journey. I started this blog with my sister eight years ago when we were still in uni and I'm happy to report that we are still the best-est friend. Though we parted ways in blogsphere, we are still very much in each other' life these days. 

But anyway, ever since I past my five years mark, I've always wanted to go the full ten years. It sounds weird but it's kinda my obsession. I seriously want to see and compare how my style and writing has evolved in the course of ten years. 

April Favourites

Hi, guys!
I was actually struggling to remember what items I have been loving in the fourth month of 2018. The only thing I can remember is the book and the card holder. But, after a moment of silent and recollection I do remember a few! So without further ado here is my list of April Favourites.

24 Hours in Malacca

Hi, guys!
I went to Malacca via bus from Singapore. It was actually really comfy & convenient. You do need to bring your luggage with you upon entering Malaysia so they can x-ray your stuff. We were lucky that the immigration was rather empty since we took the 8.40 AM bus. We arrived around 1PM, checked in to our hotel and mostly just mall hopping and souvenir shopping since it was raining. The next day, however, we took the most of it to be all touristy! So here it is our (almost) 24 Hours in Malacca.

The Huskitory Malacca

Hi, guys!
I went to a huskitory while I was in Malacca. And I chose this place over St.Paul's ruin. Mostly because I read you need to hike to get to St. Paul's so I was like . . . let's just find something a little less outdoorsy. And voila, we found this place!
As you've probably guessed it, it's a place for husky dogs. The owner, who is also a husky breeder, claimed that he felt sad for people who loves husky dogs but can't afford one or not in a position to be a pet owner (rarely home, travel a lot, already has 5 dogs,etc.), couldn't play with them. So he decided to create a place where anyone can enjoy playtime with husky dogs. 

Singapore' National Orchid Garden

Hi, guys!
I do apologise for the sudden silence. I went to Singapore and Malaysia last week for 7 nights and when I got home, I was in no mood to blog. To say the past two weeks have been trying would be an understatement, but I'm forever grateful I have God on my side.

Anyway, despite the forlorn intro, I had a good time during my travel and one of my favourite spot I visited is National Orchid Garden located within Singapore Botanic Garden. I've been to Singapore Botanic Garden (SBG) three times but I have never been to its orchid garden since its located so far away from the entrance. And well, my mom is not the biggest fans of outdoor anything. But this year I was finally able to visit this pretty garden! I'm not an orchid lover, but I do think that they are beautiful and mesmerising with its big petals. Plus, I heard so many good things about this garden. You know, Singapore, you did good with your greenery.

March Favourites

Hi, guys!
Can you believe it's April already? I feel like it was just Valentine's Day a week ago. LOL. I sure did some shopping altho not much that made it to my favourites. But anyway, here are a few things that I have been loving in the month of March.

5 Easter Outfit Ideas

Hi, guys!
I apologize for lack of posts last week. I have been taking outfit photos but most of those are dedicated for this post :)
Easter weekend or as us Christian like to call, Passover Day is right around the corner. Here I created five looks that I thought will be perfect for a relaxing religious weekend. It is after all, the death and resurrection of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Since I have church service is mind, most of them are modest with sleeves and a little bit of knee shown. But I have always been more comfortable with modest fashion. I have no sexy bone in me. Anyway, modest doesn't have to mean frumpy. It can very well be stylish!

Healthy Mommy Healthy Baby

Hi, guys!
Let's just get that out of the way first. LOL. Pic above is a maternity photoshoot I did for a friend last year. My client was really happy with the result and I thought I'd share it here as well. It's her second child and she didn't do any maternity shoot with the first kid so she wanted something to remember her pregnancy by; but, she doesn't want to spend tons of money either. I volunteer to do everything that I could so she could save money. Of course being the client is a dear friend of mine, I was willing to go the extra mile. From hair, make up, and even styling, I did it all. The lace robe is from my wedding and the black dress was just something I had in my closet. The mommy-to-be didn't have a plain black dress.

New House' Sneakpeek

Hi, guys!
I mentioned it briefly in a post last December that I'm moving out of my apartment to our new home and it is coming together but it's not quite ready yet. I still have a few things that I want to buy to make the house fully furnished and maybe . . .  eventually  . . . I will do like a home reveal or a home tour or something. But in the meantime, these few sneak peeks would have to do. 

Pic above is the living room which I dare say it's pretty much done. Oh wait, I do want to buy a side table to put in front of the standing lamp. Kinda like a charging station. We keep putting our phones on the sofa arm. Which remind me, I need to buy two more pillows so it's more cozy. My favourite part about our living room, right after those deer paintings, is definitely the sofa! My dad actually bought the sofa as a housewarming gift and we couldn't be more thankful since they can be a bit pricey.

8 Make Up Items I Stock Up Throughout The Year

Hi, guys!
I don't really do that much make up on a weekday basis. I do a full face make up on weekend but weekdays are pretty basic. But even on those weekdays there are just some items that I seem to gravitate to and use well . . . almost everyday. Safe to say, I always stock up on these items, since as millennials say these days, they are my "ride or die" make up items. I also listed an alternative-more -budget-friendly option that I happen to love as well.

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