New Year 2019 Outfit Ideas

Hi, guys!
I hope everyone is having a great holiday. And I know it’s a little late but I want to share with you three looks for new year’s Eve. All are rather covered up since I’m not a very sexy lady. But without further ado here they are.

Look One

Look One is what I like to call easy breezy cool chic outfit. If you’re not fond of sequins, you can opt for the second best choice; metallic or satin or anything with a sheen really. The shine still gives a festive feel without being too Vegas.
I also add a leather jacket for extra warmth and extra fashion points.

Look Two

For look number two, I mix and match a cropped sequin top with an all black. I call this look corporate glam. The sequin top is a bit much so I tone it down with my black blazer. I also choose to wear my wide-legged trouser instead of the usual pencil pants. Do make sure to wear a pointy shoes to balance all the baggy shape of your trouser.

Look Three

The last but surely not the least if my favorite look of all. I call this look soft and sweet with a splash of red. I mean, you can never go wrong with velvet in December. Mine is actually a dress with an off white pleated skirt. The bow belt makes the perfect finishing touch. 
To avoid being too monochromatic, I have help from my red lip and my red shoes. I do feel the bows on my shoes truly compliment the bow on my dress. If you have a red little bag, definitely go with that too!

And this is the end of my post.
I hope 2018 have treated you well. I will come back early January 2019. Hopefully sometime before the 3rd.

Do stay safe and get a taxi if you’re drinking for the NYE.


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