My 1st Time Christmas Decorating at Home

Hi, blogosphere!
Boy o boy, it's been a hot minute, you guys. To be honest I haven't been blogging because I seriously had no idea what to post. And well, life has been getting in the way. But anyway, here I am back for a brand new post. 

If you haven't been following along, I moved to my new house from my old apartment early this year.  Last year, I didn't really decorate my apartment for Christmas. Just a little Christmas tree. However, now that I actually own a house, I decided to give a go on decorating. 

Pinterest was my main source of inspiration, obviously. I also didn't want to go over the top. I didn't really create a budget, I just make sure I didn't go a certain amount of money on an item. And since we bought every single thing since this is our first Christmas, I only decorate the ground floor and the second floor is pretty much bare.

So since all of us spend most of our time in front of TV, it is definitely becoming my focus centre to decorate. The Christmas tree is obviously placed in living room. I also changed the pillow case with something a bit more festive. Last touch was the snowflake stickers.

The stairs also get a bit decorating with slinger decorated with bows. It's actually turned out better than I expected. I absolutely forgot to change the fake lavender flowers on my coffee table to something more festive but I guess it's a job for next year.

Right across the Christmas tree is our shoes cabinet and usually it's pretty plain so I decided to put our mini Christmas village here. This is the most expensive thing I bought for our Christmas decor but I didn't regret it at all. I love love love this village. It lights up with Christmas songs and the carousel actually moves.

So our TV, right across the sofa, also gets a little decorating. We Indonesians doesn't really build a fireplace in our house since well, it is a tropical country. We are feeling hot as it is.

Moving on to our dining area, which is on the left side of our TV. I didn't do that much decorating either here. Mostly on the cabinet shelfs.

The JOY light letters are a pretty big hit. I hosted a Christmas dinner a week ago and people asking me where I bought it. FYI, I bought it at Informa.

For the dining table, I wanted to buy the decorated christmas candle but it was too expensive so I make do with this teenie tiny wreath which was just around $20 for two instead of one christmas candle for $30.

Anyway, I know my decor is nothing sort of great or glamorous but I actually happy with it! My house feels so festive and truly put me in a Christmas spirit.
Thank you for reading and wishing you a great week ahead!


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