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Looking back last week posts, I guess I had enough of my darling vintage items hence I decided to post something completely different. A truly "now" look. And although not fashion forward, sometimes it's a relief to conform with the current track of trend since the items are so much easier to acquire. This Zara shorts (mine is not a Zara tho, it's a cheaper version from Persunmall) are still quite a rage in blogsphere so I thought I take it out for another spin (styled this shorts here) around the town. Still pretty much in love with the mix of art and fashion. My panting skirt (read it here) is one of my favorite skirt these days. Expect to see it in the future posts!

Anyway, weekend has been a bliss and full of smiles (check out my instagram feed to find out more about Red Nose Campaign for Little Act of Smile).
Hopefully yours was the same. Have a not-so-blue Monday, all!

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red chiffon shirt with studded collar - BTC; electric blue skorts - c/o Persunmall; watch, necklace and rings - c/o ; blue peep toe heels - bought it in HongKong, metallic blue nails - Face Shop (code BL602)

Koultura Coffee Review

About two weeks ago, I visited one of the hip place for coffee lovers called Koultura Coffee located at Taman Ratu Indah AA2 no 23, Jakarta (located around Kebon Jeruk). This coffee shop opens from 11AM to 9PM. Coffee is ready during the whole opening hours but food only ready after 5PM. For coffee, price starts from 30k rupiah. For food, such as pies and cakes starts from 35k while main course starts from 75k (I'm not sure since I didn't take a good look at their food menus. Sorry!). Bring at least 150k rupiah if you want to eat and drink. Parking is quite difficult during coffee shop rush hour (3PM-5PM). 

Wear something classic with a twist of modern trend. For example, a classic white buttoned up shirt with a checkered highwaist shorts and a comfy shiny black loafers will do. Or if you're like me, who likes to keep it simple and super girly, a pretty floral frock will do. Add a denim jacket for some structure :)

The coffee is thick and very mm.. coffee. I do drink a cup of coffee everyday but I'm more of the sugary type and not the black coffee cult kind. However, I still think the cafe latte tastes good either its iced or hot. The whole place emanates raw and fresh atmosphere nothing too fancy or era specific. They did wonderfully amazing on their branding which heavily rely on cutesy icons of a bear, a penguin, a rabbit, a fox and an owl. All dressed up like your favorite cartoon character. Despite those lovable characters, this place manages to look masculine with their minimalistic furnitures and its concreted floor.  I guess it's all in the balance. Overall, very worth to visit when you're in the area!

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floral dress & denim jacket - vintage, flats - Marie Claire, 
tattoo stocking - c/o Romwe, watch - c/o

Vacation Outfit : Vintage in The Palace

Owning a vintage dress is like having a safety net for those sunny days when you can't decide on what to wear. I often find myself panicking on what to pack for holidays cause I want to look chic yet keeping it simple and fuss free. A vintage dress is just one simple answer. The blue number in the previous post is a good deal but this one with the psychedelic flower prints has a bit more "oomph"which looks great in pictures. And we sure do take plenty of pics during holidays right? Plus point? The loud prints required even less accesorizing.

This set of pics mostly taken on Sultan Water Palace. Hence, the title :)

Anyway, it's been quite a sickish week for me.
Hopefully yours are healthier than mine!

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dress - vintage, belt - Cotton On, bag - bought it in Jogja!, flats - Mango, watch - c/o

Vacation Outfit : Blue for Borobudur

Was wearing one of my favourite vintage dress to visit Borobudur. This dress originally an ankle length  but I took it to a tailor for some serious hemming and voila a perfect day dress. I wore this blue number countless of times but it never ceases to amaze me how I constantly fell in love with it over and over again.

Wishing all of you a lovely week ahead!

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dress - vintage, belt - Cotton On, sandals - Mango, bracelet - c/o, sunnies - The Riots Barbie

Vacation Diary : Jogjakarta Day Three and Four


First stop of day three was Keraton which is a royal residence for Sultan and his family (the "symbol" of ruler in Jogja, pretty much like a Queen in UK). The ticket fee is Rp 7.000 (7 cents US) for local and Rp 12.500 for foreigners. Open from 9AM to 2PM. There is also a tour guide which covers as a photographer as well.. We were pleased with his knowledge, photography skill and friendliness, hence, we gave him Rp 30.000(US $3) for tips. There is no fixated price for the tips are vary so feel free to give any amount you want. But Rp 20.000 until Rp 50.000 is the standard. Oh, for the Museum Kereta (Carriage Museum) there is additional fee. Recommended since it is very Jogjakarta and I'm actually kinda into history!

Next stop was Taman Sari also known as Taman Air Sultan (Sultan Water Palace) where Sultan Hamengku Buwono I (first Sultan everrr) came to this place to "have fun" with her mistresses. He has so much mistresses that even if he rolling the schedule, one mistress won't be able to see him in one month. Ticket fee is Rp 3.000 for locals and Rp 7.000 for foreigners. Open everyday from 9AM to 4.30PM. The palace is gorgeous and we were lucky that there is water inside. Tour guide is also around but if you don't want one, just politely say no and they back off. We personally love getting to know the history of this amazing building so we hire one (to be a photographer too!) and gave him Rp 20.000 tips. More pics about this place in a vacation outfit post :) This place is highly recommended!

One of my favorite blogger visited this store on her last visit to Jogja hence I decided to give it a visit too. Antiques are practically scattered everywhere and it looks a bit eerie and I actually had chill on how old some of these things are. Everything was expensive and I can not find a single item that is less than 500 thousand rupiah (around US $50). The signs on the wall price starts at 8 million rupiah (US $800). Not recommended to visit unless you are looking for those unique furnitures and knick knacks for your home. Make sure to bring plenty of cash!

Finally we got to visit Prambanan Temple! Altho the weather was so gloomy I wasn't so sure we will be able to take pics and wander around. But thankfully, the rain decided to fall when we were in the car! We took the package ticket which includes Ratu Boko and Prambanan and it costs us Rp 37.000/person. They provided a shuttle to go to and back from Ratu Boko to Prambanan area. Open from 6AM to 5PM. My suggestion, just take the Prambanan and skip Ratu Boko. I personally don't think Ratu Boko was that very worth to visit. For Prambanan only, ticket fee is Rp 30.000 for locals and US $20 for foreigners.

We had lunch at Nyonya Suharti (Jalan Gedong Kuning no. 187) 
Yeay! Indonesian food is my favorite dish :) 
Highly recommended if you ever want to try the authentic Indonesian food.

After lunch we wander off faraway to Indrayanti beach. It's a white sand beach (it looks brown-ish, but this is as white as we can get here in Java island). The trip to go there from the city is quite far, around 2 hours drive with curvy roads and trees everywhere. It's worth a visit, however, not all that recommended. Unless you are a beach lover. To be noticed, you can't surf here since there too many rocks and the waves are too small.. However, you very much can playing with sand and saltwater! And make sure to drink coconut water fresh from the tree.

To end our Jogjakarta adventure, we stopped by at Serafin Pattiserie for dessert (we had dinner at a secluded hidden place that our driver suggested. He said it's a hip place, but seriously, there weren't any people there! We had a humble steak dinner. And by humble, I mean tiny tiny portion). I had a white chocolate eclair that tastes yummy! The hot chocolate tastes like Milo tho.. The place is cozy and very youthful. Pretty much like any other cafe in Bandung.


I'm sorry if I gave you high hopes about day four. We went home on day four! LOL
Bye bye Jogja, it's been real..

Thank you for reading, loyal readers. Vacation Outfit is coming soon.
Hopefully your weekend will be wonderful!

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Vacation Diary : Jogjakarta Day One and Two

About a week ago my sister, her boyfriend, my friend, and I went to Jogjakarta for a short and sweet getaway which turned out not so sweet after all. LOL. But here goes my adventure! We went from Bandung to Jogjakarta by train (Lodaya, 7AM train, cost about 300 thousand rupiah, more about ticketing visit for eight hours straight. Not recommended at all unless you want to try it! Me, on the other hand, really wanted to try riding a train (yep, first timer here!) so we did. The train is clean, they sell food altho not good but edible, and perfectly safe.

We stayed at Ibis Styles Hotel. Which is a more economic version of the original Ibis Hotel. The hotel is also clean and cozy and so modern, such a youthful vibe with all those red and green colors. Breakfast is good. Super near with Malioboro Road which is the hit street in Jogjakarta. Overall, very worth the money. More info about booking : Ibis Styles
Pic above and below is courtesy of my sis! :)

Pempek Nyonya Kamto. It's a fish-based dish and quite tasty in my opinion, who doesn't like fish that much. Must try? Mm.. A lot of people seems to think so! The place is hidden but it's somewhere along Malioboro road. Just make sure to look left and right!

Tip Top Ice Cream. My big sis said it's quite famous among locals so we visited and it didn't dissapoint! Pay attention to the opening hour. Located at Jalan Mangkubumi no. 24

We had dinner at The House of Raminten. The place is.. dark and smelly and not recommended at all. But it's one of those "you must try" as well so we did. It's always a full house every day. I guess it's because the super cheap price because the food was not that good!

My sister and I insisted to ride this modernized version of a cycle rickshaw. We definitely had fun. It's sort of like clubbing in a moving vehicle... Located at Alun Alun Kidul  


We rented a car (very recommended for tourists since taxis are SO MUCH expensive here) and went a little bit outside of Jogja to visit Candi Borobudur which was (is it still? I'm not sure) one of the seven wonders of the world. Ticket fee was 30 thousand rupiah (around US $3). Open from 6AM to 5PM.  We were required to wear a batik sarong but no fee charged! The sarongs are free so we had no complain :)

Candi Prambanan was supposedly to be our next stop but it started to rain really hard so our driver suggested to went to Ketep Volcano Center. Again, not that recommended.. I mean, to be fair, if the weather was clear, we can see the aperture between the Merapi mountain and Merbabu mountain.. But we couldn't, because there were thick fogs. So we ended up in a volcano center.. Which was.. Well, informative, but not exactly the kind of info I want to know..

We had lunch at Pring Sewu resto which is a restaurant where you can eat overlooking the pretty rice fields. Recommended since the view is nice, service is good, and the food is quite delish as well with reasonable prices!

After lunch, we went back to Jogjakarta to buy traditional snacks to bring home to for our family and friends. Cokelat Monggo (we visited the showroom in Kotagede, please click for complete address, for a cheaper price and free samples) and Bakpia Pathok 25 both are the most famous ones that are very Jogja! Dagadu Jogja (Jl. IKIP PGRI No. 50 Sonopakisis also worth a visit. It's a t-shirt brand that is quite popular among us Indonesians :) 

We ended the day at Paris Cafe & Bakery located at Jl A.M Sangaji 68A. Super pinky and girly place which just recently opened a few months ago. Food and sweet desserts tastes okay.. (they also served sandwiches but not many choices for a fulfilling dinner) Not all that recommended but the place is too cute to pass up!

We also tried Angkringan KR (located near Tip Top Ice Cream). Angkringan is.. where we eat rice (plenty of choices, my suggestion go for "nasi uduk" or "nasi kucing") while sitting on the sidewalk. It's also a Jogja thing that you should try! I am not much a fan of eating on the sidewalk, but if it doesn't hurt or life dangering, why not try it! :)

Phew! You made it to the end! 
Thank you for reading and do look forward for day three and four diary. And then vacation outfit will follow..

Have an adventerous day, all!

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