3 Ways to Wear Highwaisted Shorts : Date Night

This is the second series of my 3 Ways to Wear Highwaisted Shorts! I use one shorts in purpose to show how you can recycle any item to create a brand new look. All it takes is just a little inspiration, trust, and a sprinkle of fairy dust..

For a date night, you want to aim for something romantic and polished but not too high maintanance. Along with the highwaist shorts (with a good fabric ofcourse, avoid anything too sheer or jeans) pair it with a pink top and add an outer layer to create that "put together" look without trying too hard. A heels with bow to add just enough sweetness for the whole outfit!

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chiffon blazer - Maize, pink top and earrings - c/o Laku.com, highwaist shorts - Velvet, watch - Guess, cross body bag - Coach, bow heels - Bellagio


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