Happy 4th of July / Necklaces x Necklines

Happy 4th of July!
I am Indonesian but there's something really vibrant in getting red, blue, and white together. Are you wearing those three colors today? And yes, I bought this cat doll.. (the flag background is my IPad cover) My mom complains on how I'm adding more and more adorable-good-for-nothing item that will ended up in a big box and forgotten. But.. What can I say? I am forever a kid inside.

I gave some tips on how to wear your necklaces with the right necklines!
I am by no way an expert and giving tips only from my experience.
Plus, I always believe trial and error is the best way to learn. Agree?

Background music is Come Awake of My soul from True Worshipper. It  might sounds weird but I listened to at least one song in their Favor album everyday.. The Rescue is out! It's actually Sidney Mohede's album and not True Worshipper. Not a bad album, looove the "In Christ Alone". Such beautiful tear-jerking lyric. Definitely will be my next video background music :)

Anyway, wishing everyone a festive day!

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