Printed Outer to Keep The Chills Away

Weather you're wearing it as a blazer or as a cape, a printed outer will surely adds that oomph factor to any of your outfit. I'm not a big fan wearing a blazer as a cape since it's just weird.. But! I do have to admit that it does look cool ala Parisian chic.

I'm off to Jakarta today to find replacement of my broken lens. Yes, I broke my PentaxQ10 that I only acquire less than 3 months ago. I am that clumsy. Fingers crossed I will find the lens I want! Finding a Q series of Pentax lens is a much harder task than cracking Da Vinci code! Okay I might exaggerate a little..

Have a happy Thanksgiving and let's have a great weekend, all!

floral blazer - Stradivarius, yellow top - BTC, pleather skirt - Cloth Inc, 
two tone heels - New Look, bag - Zara

Midnight Blue

Apologies for confusing color editing. I edited them in two different days and just forget everything. Which is very unlike me. I'm not a forgetful person. Sometimes I do when things get hectic and there's just too much to do... But enough about me. This midnight blue color is the perfect substitute to black. It has so much more pop into it but still retain the same amount of mystery and slimming effect! :)

Have a wonderful weekend, all!
Oh, and have a great Thanksgiving!

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top - Velvet, necklace - c/o, skirt - Singapore, shoes - The Editor's Market

Miss Day

Good morning, blogsphere!
My iphone is dead due to some battery problems and yes I'm bummed but that's no reason to brood around since I still have my ipad and my blackberry. Altho I probably will blog less since I always use my iphone as a personal hotspot transmitter so.. No iphone, no internet connection! Using my BB as a personal hotspot tranmitter today and it has been a pure nightmare. It keeps disconnecting every five minutes. Not to mention the very slow speed...

Anyway, I definitely watched to many New Girl episodes that I'm starting to dress like Miss Day. I can definitely see Zoe Deschanel wearing this in one of the episode.. Hmm.. And this one is a very appropriate Thanksgiving outfit for dinner with the family! I always find sleeveless dresses with cardigan is perfect for any family ocassion. Either it be a family day out or a family dinner or a nephew's birthday party in the backyard. There is something so girly yet polished in wearing this combo.

What are you most thankful for this year? I'm very thankful for the fact that I'm still blogging! LOL. With so many reasons to not be a blogger (I don't exactly have a very supportive family and friends about me blogging), I'm pretty amazed there are still new posts coming up in this page every week.

Wishing all of you a very happy Thanksgiving :)

bow dress, cardigan, and belt - BTC, bracelet - c/o

Sweater for Eveningwear

Sweaters can work for evening events too! It's just about mix and matching the perfect items :)
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Let's have a wonderful week ahead!

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Finding Daisies

The title is very much suiting to my previous sartorial state. Daisy prints have been all the rage for the past few months and I only got one last week! I couldn't find any in Bandung. Most online stores have them on pre-order instead of ready stock. And I'm not a big fan of pre-ordering stuff. Hence, when I finally received this ah-dorable sweater, I was so so happy! Really, it's the little things :) And since I was in a very happy mood, I decided to mix the vibrant red with another bright yellow skirt. 

Although the weather has been really hot lately and I can't exactly wear it for a very long time.. But no complains, as you can see, the result of sunny weather is the perfect backdrop of blue sky for my outfit pictures.

Wishing all of you a fantastic weekend ahead!

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daisy sweater - c/o Romwe, yellow skater skirt - Gowigasa,
 bag and ring - c/o, brown heels - The Catwalk

Simple and Sweet Mint

These set of pics were taken on August and from my last post, you can see how my hair were shorter here. And you can also witness how I still love pastel! I think mint is one of the coolest color. I feel instantly fresh and pure summery when I put on this skirt. Decided to go super simple with a short sleeve vintage shirt and black accesorizing.

It's midweek! Hang in there everyone :)

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white short sleeve shirt - vintage, mint organza skirt - Zara, Robinsons bag - Tory Burch, 
rose gold watch - Guess, bracelet - c/o

Three Little Kittens

A short and sweet post with this adorable three little kittens sweater from Romwe. These past few days have been about rain and wind and I just have to wear this sweater! About to be a little busy bee for this week but I wouldn't have it any other way. Sometimes you just have to enjoy life and all its mundane activities. I just hope my immune system can keep up. 

Have a lovely week ahead!

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sweater - c/o Romwe, chiffon shirt underneath - Haji Lane, shorts - Velvet, flats - Bellagio

The Boyfriend Cardigan

I always find stealing outfit from men's section is fun. And sometimes it can be a real relief because men has this small size that fits large for women! But back to the outfit, this cardigan is actually from men section and it was super cheap. I think it costs me less than 100 thousand rupiah.

Pair any kind of item you stole from the boyfriend (a hat, printed shirts, bags) with super flirty items to keep it lady like. I always pair this cardigan with a dress or a skirt since my style is girly and casual. A clutch will enhance that elegant vibe.

Anyway, wishing all of you lovelies a great weekend!

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cardigan - N61, collar necklace and black t-shirt - New Look, polkadot denim skirt - Topshop,
 blue flats - Passion, bow clutch - c/o

Pastel Blazer for Fall

First of all, congratulations for seeing me in pants! It's a rare sight, I tell you. 

Second of all, I'm a bit tired with muted colors and decided to bring out my soft pink blazer. Pastels feel like a breath of fresh air for this season of brown and burgundy sea of color. I'm all about expanding my color palette. To dial down the sweetness, mix this sherbet shades with neutrals. Gray, camel, and black are great choices. Add a bit of sparkle with statement necklace.

I'm sorry for falling off a grid last Monday (The Sweetest Escape is updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday :) ). The first two weeks of November has been filled with family and friends birthday. I celebrated five birthdays already and I definitely had too much birthday cakes!

How is your November so far?

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pink blazer - Mango, black top - Velvet, necklace - c/o , pants - Factor, black bag - Zara, heels - The Cat Walk

Color Coordinated

In my mind, this outfit works. I love the idea of blue on blue. I imagine it will be a very serene outfit. On a second look, not so much! I look terrible in t-shirt (it clings to all of my most unattractive body parts!) and I insist on wearing one, God only knows why. But I always love posting my not so successful outfit in my blog. It shows you that we, blogger, are only human afterall.

Wishing all of you a great weekend ahead!

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On Wednesday, We Wear Pink

I actually wear pink any day of the week. Especially when I feel like I need to create an innocent impression to my surroundings. It also creates an approachable atmosphere which is important when meeting new people! This pink number has accompanied me to birthday dinners, church events, and just casual hang outs. I always paired with lots of black to create a more mature outfit. Especially for evening wear.

Anyway, wishing everyone a happy midweek!

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dress - Zara, black blazer - Stradivarius, necklace - gift from a friend, 
clutch - c/o , kitten heels - Rotelli


A quick update with my last sweater from Amore Knitwear. This one is my second favorite right after my maroon sheep-printed sweater from this store. The pink collar and the repetitive love patterns simply calls for some edge so I beckoned my leather skirt. I put on a flower headband as a finishing touch. I kind of miss my flower crowns! 

It has been difficult to take outfit pictures lately. My lens currently broken and I'm just the luckiest gal cause appearantly there are some pending photo sets waiting to be published. So hey, there's always a silver lining in everything and I'm training myself to be a more positive person. 

Here's to another new week. Can't you believe it's November already? My church is buzzing with Christmas preparation. Oh dear the work... But.. It will be fun! (and tiring T_T )

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love dots sweater - c/o Amore Knitwear , leather skirt - from sis! , two tone heels - New Look, flower headband - Inspired by Luce

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