Miss Day

Good morning, blogsphere!
My iphone is dead due to some battery problems and yes I'm bummed but that's no reason to brood around since I still have my ipad and my blackberry. Altho I probably will blog less since I always use my iphone as a personal hotspot transmitter so.. No iphone, no internet connection! Using my BB as a personal hotspot tranmitter today and it has been a pure nightmare. It keeps disconnecting every five minutes. Not to mention the very slow speed...

Anyway, I definitely watched to many New Girl episodes that I'm starting to dress like Miss Day. I can definitely see Zoe Deschanel wearing this in one of the episode.. Hmm.. And this one is a very appropriate Thanksgiving outfit for dinner with the family! I always find sleeveless dresses with cardigan is perfect for any family ocassion. Either it be a family day out or a family dinner or a nephew's birthday party in the backyard. There is something so girly yet polished in wearing this combo.

What are you most thankful for this year? I'm very thankful for the fact that I'm still blogging! LOL. With so many reasons to not be a blogger (I don't exactly have a very supportive family and friends about me blogging), I'm pretty amazed there are still new posts coming up in this page every week.

Wishing all of you a very happy Thanksgiving :)

bow dress, cardigan, and belt - BTC, bracelet - c/o Laku.com


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