Oliver's Hostelry Bandung

Hello, everyone.
Visited Oliver's Hostelry in my beloved Bandung city a couple weeks ago. There weren't that much hype about this place but I noticed this place from my friend's instagram post and I thought the place looks cute, which is one of my main reason to visit any new cafe. As it turns out, this place, as the name suggest, is indeed a hostel. I believed they have around 12 rooms all with different themes and interior. More info about the room at their website olivershostelry.com since I didn't stay there, I'll just talk about their cafe.

Go Wireless

Hello, everyone.
I hope you don't mind with a little tech joke presented above. I do think that is quite funny and I thought it will be a nice opening for today's post. I am terrible at technology, I'm very not up to date with the realm of wireless and bluetooth. To this day, I still can't figure out how to use the bluetooth in my iPhone, that's just how inadequate I am about technology. 

Thankfully I came across dewired.co.uk ; a website where you can get all the scoop on the latest bluetooth and wireless products to make your life a little bit better. And with iPhone 7 launching their wireless earphone, it's the best time to go wireless. I just figured out there's a water resistant wireless bluetooth speaker. I mean, I always listen to music in the shower. Not only in the shower, you can definitely use it for a pool party as well! I pumped up my iPhone volume to max and still can only barely hear the song so I will most definitely check out TaoTronics for that.

Wedding Guest Outfit For Fall

Hi, guys!
Just an outfit I wore to a friend's wedding two weekends ago. The wedding was much simpler than the usual lavish wedding we always have here in my country so I decided on a two-piece look for a less formal vibe. I also opt for a normal handbag instead of a clutch.

Obviously my favourite part of this get up is the one shoulder top. This kind of top is just flattering on all kind of body type. The prints on my skirt is very fall, hence the title. I got this skirt on my last year' trip to Bangkok and it has been a staple for days when I want to look put together.

Anyway, I had quite a productive Monday and hopefully you will too.

Forever A Wanderlust

We travel not to escape, but for life not to escape us

I'm not sure whom that quote belongs to but it had stayed in mind for a while since the meaning of that simple sentence rings so true in my heart. I looove traveling. I'm not used to, when I was in junior high school, I used to hate it because I have to talk to strangers all day everyday (I was an excruciatingly shy little girl). However, as I grow older, prominently since university days, I fell in love with traveling. Evidently, I'm still shy, but I don't hate conversations anymore, even just casual convo with someone I barely know, now actually kind of fun.

Anyway, back to the topic, people assumed they need some sort of escape from their daily life and doing so by going on a vacation. Which is not a bad idea, but for me, I feel more alive than my normal day-to-day schedule when I'm on a new place that I have never been to. I meet new people, I gain knowledge of culture and history of the place (I like history, by the way), inhaling different atmosphere,  and all in all, it adds a little something in my life. You are never going to be the same person when you go somewhere new; almost like an upgraded version of you.

So I do encourage all of you to try plan a vacation amidst your packed schedule. Find next year calendar to figure out long weekends and take a leave for an extended holiday. Go book that airplane ticket to Paris or anywhere else in the world. And obviously, find the best hotel that suits your wallet. You can try comparehotelprices.co.uk  to find an extended choices of hotel.

The website is very user-friendly, you just typed what city you're going to stay and the dates of your holiday. The prices in the above photo are in Rupiah, which is my home country currency. I believe the currency will adjust according to your country. There is also a "Refine Your Search" where you can choose what kind of hotel you want. I like at least 3 stars . . . I always find one or two stars lack the hygiene standard that I need and that is crucial to me.

But anyway, thank you for reading and I will talk to you again in my next post :)

ColourPop x Kathleen Lights in Alyssa, November, and Point Zero

Hi, guys!
I haven't dabble into beauty for a while so I thought I start again with ColourPop and a beauty vlogger, Kathleen Lights collaboration. If you don't know her, do visit her youtube channel here. She's funny and keep things real, I LOVE HER. I never missed a video of her (she updates three times a week). But anyway, she collaborated with ColourPop a couple times before and this is her latest collab; three ultra satin lip and one gel eyeliner. I didn't get the eyeliner because I'm not a fan of gel eyeliner, I found them to be very difficult to apply. However, I do love the colours of the ultra satin lip so I decided to get all three of them and they are Alyssa, November, and Point Zero. (watch Kathleen talks about her products here).

Pink and Ruffled

Hi, everyone!
Maybe it's the headache or maybe I'm just in a rut, but I don't feel very inspired today, hence the lame title. Do bear with me while I try to find fresh ideas for a post title. But enough about that, wore this pink top with ruffled details a week ago, which I do love, altho I can't help but to feel looking bigger than I usually do in this top. I have this one in black which probably more slimming. And yes, I do own two tops with exactly the same model just because I thought the black ones were so cute, why not get the pink one. 

Anyway, I am rambling all over the place now but I'm not known to be an eloquent speaker anyway. Just passed by another Monday like everyone else in the world and I am so ready to end this day with a good night sleep. 

Wishing all of you a successful week ahead!

Cute Casual Vintage Dresses

TGIF, right?
I am a big fan of weekends and I personally think there's no better time for retail therapy as the lazy Friday nights in can provide. I am a girly girl and I never shy away from cute casual dresses, more point if such cute casual dresses have a vintage flair to it. This time I browse around Fashionmia which provides cheap clothing with a wide stylish options to choose.

Upon opening www.fashionmia.com website, I was very much impressed with the number of styles they have for cute casual dresses. Cheap clothing has never looked so good. I managed to narrow it down to three beautiful dresses with a 50s 60s vibe. I will buy the floral dress in a heartbeat because the flattering V-neckline, nipped in waist, those gorgeous prints, what more could a girl ask of a dress? The plain navy blue number with unique collar is also very flattering for those of you who doesn't like prints on your dress. I'm not sure I can handle so much polkadot in one dress but for those days when I feel like going all out being a 50s lady, I will most definitely wear it with a sultry red lips.

Floral dress -> http://www.fashionmia.com/Products/viantage-floral-printed-v-neck-skater-dress-151168.html
Plain navy dress -> http://www.fashionmia.com/Products/patchwork-delightful-doll-collar-skater-dress-150989.html
Polkadot dress -> http://www.fashionmia.com/Products/hollow-out-polka-dot-nifty-round-neck-skater-dress-152762.html

Anyway, wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!

Birthday Outfit

Hi, guys.
Apologies for missing my Monday post, to be honest, my Friday post last week was something I typed on last Monday. It has been one busy week indeed and I was recovering from my birthday weekend which also happened to be a long weekend here in my country. Worry not, I am back to my usual schedule now and I thought I'll show you what I wore on my birthday luncheon.

It was small, I only celebrated with my family but I couldn't help feeling oh so very blessed to be surrounded by people who have known me in my darkest time and love me anyway. I am still beaming from all the love. Back to the outfit, I wanted to wear something simple but fun in the same way so I ended up with this little pink dress with a shoulder cut detail. I added a statement necklace just for a fashion point and complete the look with a low heel ankle strap sandal. Apologies that the big flower bouquet kind of hiding my dress but I refuse to take photo without it. It's just too pretty not to be in every single frame.

Anyway, wishing everyone a great midweek!

Dresses for First Communion

Hello guys!
I am back with another sponsored post. Today we are going to talk about first communion dresses. It's not a very common topic, I know, but just look at how cute this communion dresses are! The model here looks so pure and angelic in white communion dresses. So for all mothers and god-mothers out there, check out these first holy communion dresses by MARIACOMMUNION.

The first communion is such a monumental moment, you know, like some such a rite of passage. I got my first communion the moment I turned 12 and it was very exciting to be a part of something that I used to only look at adults doing. Indeed, it made me feel all grown up. And what better way feeling like a grown up than when you're wearing your beautiful 1st communion dresses, right?

If I were a mother, I will make sure my daughter get all dressed up in holy communion dresses that will look beautiful not only in the church, but the celebration with family afterwards (and in all the photos too!). If full length girls communion dresses are a little much, there are shorter less formal option as well. Visit MARIACOMMUNION to see more dresses for first communion.

Anyway, wishing everyone a great weekend!

Patch Me Up

Hey everyone!
I am having a small case of stomachache so I will keep this post short and sweet. Anyway, as per a couple of months ago, patches are everywhere and what used to be related to girl scout now we all think it's a fairly cool trend. I am all patched up with my overall and I don't know, I don't hate this trend. It does give you a youthful vibe and being 26 about to be 27 this weekend kinda makes me try to dress in a more childish way #denial.
Well, wishing everyone a good start of the week!

Fall Wardrobe Update

Yes I know it's actually still summer and I am truly feeling the heat but the stores and boutiques around me are all displaying fall items and I can't help to think of all these stuff I want to buy so I can update my wardrobe for fall. Nothing's wrong with just thinking about it, right? 

So I headed down to GearBest and picked up a few items that I think everyone need in their closet. These are pretty basic and you can wear them multiple way all fall long. The first is this pretty lace up dress with spaghetti strap. Lace-up neckline is a big hit this summer so I can see it carrying on until fall. In case the weather gets colder, you can layer it with this khaki outer (or any kind of outer). I really like the drape silhouette! For more definition, you can add a little belt on top of the outer. Since it's plain and neutral. colored, you can wear this outer with pretty much everything. I will probably just throw it on top of a black top and some ripped skinny jeans with boots. Effortlessly chic. Last but surely not least, a kimono dress that I will pretty much wear just like how the model wear it! A nice hat and an ankle boots (probably with tights) will do.

Anyway, who's excited for fall?
I always love the earthy color palette on all skin tones. I found them to be very flattering and slimming!

Well, wishing everyone a great weekend!

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