Head Down

My mom always comments with "why you always had your head down?" every single time I take outfit photos. Well.. My main reason are because when I look to the camera, my eyes look incredibly Chinese (a.k.a small eyes) and my chubby cheeks look even bigger. Hence, the head down pose where you can't really see my eyes and my cheeks looking slightly oval instead of round. Plus, it's just cooler that way. See, I'm nifty like that. (nifty : An strikingly unusual but clever idea which proves to be useful or handy)

Anyway, I got this dress for 50% off! I couldn't resist a good floral dress and the fabric is proven to be creased-proof. Super handy for travelling. Well, happy breakfasting to Moslems and wishing you all a good Monday!

Rabbit Hole Bandung

Rabbit Hole (Bandung) located exactly below Miss Bee (read my review of Miss Bee here). 
We were looking around for a while before we passed Miss Bee and realized that Rabbit Hole is in the same location! Anyway, we went there around 4 PM and the place was rather empty except for one couple sitted on the corner.

Black and White Days

top & necklace - helostrangers.com // pants - Factor
watch - Michael Michael Kors // sandal heels - Zara

I have been wearing more and more black and white these days and I couldn't help but to feel weird because I'm actually a big fan of color and prints. You can take a peek at my closet and you might be shocked to see the wide spectrum of colors that decorated my small closet. 

I do however think that it's just me evolving. I do believe people shouldn't limit their style. A vintage lover does not have to always wear vintage items and a Zen-simple-outfit-worshipper is allowed to wear something with color and prints. You should wear whatever you want. Because personally, I dress up for myself. So I can feel happy and confident in my outfit. Certainly not to impress other. 

3.1. Phillip Lim Medium Pashli Review

(P.S I am currently selling this bag. If interested please email steviaindrawan@gmail.com - really good price with good condition )
Happily rocking my medium pashli in taupe with gold hardwares. I purchased the bag on my last trip to Singapore last month. I was a bit worried when I was walking to the store (I visited the one at Hilton Shopping Centre since it's the nearest to my hotel) because there were only colorful Pashli bags on display. 
Fortunately, the sales assistant was really nice and eventho I don't have a Club21 membership, she took out the classic color bags and let me play around with them when I was deciding a mini or a medium. I saw black, taupe, and jade for medium. The mini pashli has more colors, beside black, taupe, and jade, I also saw the raspberry with gunmetal hardwares, the orange & white, and the most coveted red GHW.

Baker Street Bandung

Went to Baker Street at Jalan Cimandiri Bandung two weeks ago with a bunch of friends so this one probably won't be as extensive as my usual review because I was busy chatting with all of them :)
To my understanding, this one is a relocated Baker Street with bigger space from the old one. If I have to guess, the new space opened around mid-year 2014. There is the second floor so there are a lot of space for everyone!

Bridesmaid Duty

My big sister with her bridesmaids - March 2015
Being a 25 going 26 year old friend meaning that you'd have to be prepared to be a bridesmaid every now and then. I'm not a fan of getting up so early for make up and hair but I do love being there for my girls witnessing one of their happiest day. A bridesmaid is just as important as other aspect in a wedding. They are the bride's special cheerleaders to lift up her spirit and lighten the mood.

Although most bride determines the dresses that the bridesmaid wear, it doesn't mean we can't give them a few options! Aisle Style provides vast array of bridesmaid dresses to accompany your bestfriend walking down the aisle :) Aanndd.. if you ordered over than 4 dresses, you'll get 15% off!

My favorite is definitely this Chiffon Zipper V-Neck which is a floor length. I think this one will works for small and curvier girls. The bride can choose any color she wants. Look at all those color choices! I'm sure your friend will find the one that compliments any skin tone.

How to Wear : Kimono Outer

What time is it? Summertime! It's our vacation...
Sorry, I can't help myself singing that High School Musical song lyric everytime I think about sunny summer days. It's time to shed off the heavy knits and back to light layering! My favorite kind of outfit. I'm not the one who like to bare too much so a light outer is my ultimate friend when it comes to summer dressing. 

One thing that I noticed rising up in trend is a kimono-sleeve outer made of a light sateen fabric which just have that enough shine. I did struggle a bit in my room trying to figure out how not to look weird with this outer. After a few hours of struggling and one messy room later.. here are two ways to wear your kimono outer.

Arromanis Bandung

Visited another ice cream corner which is Arromanis in Bandung a few weekends ago. Despite the fact that I can't eat too much dairy product if I want to keep the rashes away, I couldn't help but to indulge every weekend. Coffee and ice cream are on my top list after a weekdays of healthy dairy-free diet. Arromanis has been around for a while but I only noticed this place a few months ago thanks to instagram. Their adorable sweets is very instagram worthy! This one is red velvet with marshmallow with Oreo festive cone. You can choose the festive cone too. They have milo, fruit loops, biscuits, etc. festive cones.

My Sunday Best

 top - from HongKong // skirt - Lollistories // watch - Michael Kors
MAB mini tote - Rebecca Minkoff // ankle strap sandals - Zara

Wore this simple outfit to church two weeks ago.  This black skirt is a staple when it comes to modest dressing. I aboslutely love the sateen fabric and the just-above-the-knee length which makes this black beauty my go-to skirt almost every week :)
What fashion item that you wear practically every week?

On another note, I have been loving my new mini MAB tote by Rebecca Minkoff. It's so tiny and just oh-so-cute!

Tidbits of Singapore

Happy happy June!
My.. Time flies. It feels like it was NYE just a few weeks ago and now we are halfway through 2015! How is your New Year Resolution going?

Spent the last few days of May in Singapore. Enjoy the tidbits of Singapore :)

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