How to Wear : Kimono Outer

What time is it? Summertime! It's our vacation...
Sorry, I can't help myself singing that High School Musical song lyric everytime I think about sunny summer days. It's time to shed off the heavy knits and back to light layering! My favorite kind of outfit. I'm not the one who like to bare too much so a light outer is my ultimate friend when it comes to summer dressing. 

One thing that I noticed rising up in trend is a kimono-sleeve outer made of a light sateen fabric which just have that enough shine. I did struggle a bit in my room trying to figure out how not to look weird with this outer. After a few hours of struggling and one messy room later.. here are two ways to wear your kimono outer.

top & outer - @helostrangers instagram
skorts - Cloth Inc // sunnies - RayBan

Easiest way to wear a kimono outer, besides as your swimwear cover-up, it's ofcourse, with shorts!
A red tanktop and a black skorts is a more modern way to wear this outer. Obviously, you can switch the color of your tanktop to match your outer! I think a black/white top with jeans shorts are an undying combo as well.

 white tank top - unbranded  // kimono outer - @helostrangers instagram
ripped jeans & sandals- Zara // necklace - Diva 

Feeling slightly cold? Pair your kimono outer with your ripped jeans! Ripped jeans is quite a hit this summer/fall time too. Combining both of them resulting in a chic boho outfit. This combo best paired with ankle-strap sandals.

All of this outers you can get at instagram @helostrangers :)
Soon coming on the website too!

Have a happy sunny midweek, all


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