Head Down

My mom always comments with "why you always had your head down?" every single time I take outfit photos. Well.. My main reason are because when I look to the camera, my eyes look incredibly Chinese (a.k.a small eyes) and my chubby cheeks look even bigger. Hence, the head down pose where you can't really see my eyes and my cheeks looking slightly oval instead of round. Plus, it's just cooler that way. See, I'm nifty like that. (nifty : An strikingly unusual but clever idea which proves to be useful or handy)

Anyway, I got this dress for 50% off! I couldn't resist a good floral dress and the fabric is proven to be creased-proof. Super handy for travelling. Well, happy breakfasting to Moslems and wishing you all a good Monday!

floral dress - Dorothy Perkins // bracelet - Valentino
belt - Helo Strangers // Petit 2Jours bag - Fendi 
bow flats - Pazzion


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