Rabbit Hole Bandung

Rabbit Hole (Bandung) located exactly below Miss Bee (read my review of Miss Bee here). 
We were looking around for a while before we passed Miss Bee and realized that Rabbit Hole is in the same location! Anyway, we went there around 4 PM and the place was rather empty except for one couple sitted on the corner.

I think the front cafe is cute. It reminisce a rabbit hole indeed.

As you can see with the concrete floor, design wise it's industrial. 
It's mm.. very kitsch. 
I personally think Miss Bee nailed their decoration sooo much better

Blueberry Cheesecake Waffle with Vanilla Ice Cream (49k)
We only ordered a waffle because we just had lunch at Baker Street (read my review of Baker Street here ) and it was good. It wasn't great but it I enjoyed eating it despite the pricey tag. Service was okay, nothing special. Waffle came out fast enough. Overall, not a bad place to visit when you're around the neighbourhood and wants something sweet.

Rabbit Hole
Jalan Rancabentang no. 11A (one location with Miss Bee)
Ciumbeleuit, Bandung
+62 22 2041866
Instagram : rabbithole_bdg


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