Baker Street Bandung

Went to Baker Street at Jalan Cimandiri Bandung two weeks ago with a bunch of friends so this one probably won't be as extensive as my usual review because I was busy chatting with all of them :)
To my understanding, this one is a relocated Baker Street with bigger space from the old one. If I have to guess, the new space opened around mid-year 2014. There is the second floor so there are a lot of space for everyone!

White and brown dominates the color scheme of the interior with a dash of cheerful yellow here and there. My favorite part is probably the natural lightning everywhere. I didn't visit the 2nd floor but it looks even more spacious than the 1st floor.

Baker Street also provides cooking class with different menu for each class. Fee is 200k rupiah for children and 300k rupiah for adults per class.

 My food was Spaghetti Bolognaise and it was okay.. Portion is normal.

 Aglio Olio

The food were okay.. Nothing really special but definitely not bad either. To be fair, they have excellent baked goods such as this pretty fruity pie and I was told their quiche is to die for.

My drink was Ice Peach Apple. Highly recommended! So fresh for a hot day :) 

Included below is the menu. I took this photo on October 2014 and I guess they must have changed the food menu because I didn't see the burger here.. And my spaghetti is more expensive than when I ordered in October 2014. But the drink menus look pretty much the same.

Well I hope you enjoy seeing the tempting food photos! Have a happy Monday, all

Baker Street 
Jalan Cimandiri no. 18 (across Gedung Sate)
Instagram : bakerstbakery
Open everyday from 8AM to 8PM


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