Bridesmaid Duty

My big sister with her bridesmaids - March 2015
Being a 25 going 26 year old friend meaning that you'd have to be prepared to be a bridesmaid every now and then. I'm not a fan of getting up so early for make up and hair but I do love being there for my girls witnessing one of their happiest day. A bridesmaid is just as important as other aspect in a wedding. They are the bride's special cheerleaders to lift up her spirit and lighten the mood.

Although most bride determines the dresses that the bridesmaid wear, it doesn't mean we can't give them a few options! Aisle Style provides vast array of bridesmaid dresses to accompany your bestfriend walking down the aisle :) Aanndd.. if you ordered over than 4 dresses, you'll get 15% off!

My favorite is definitely this Chiffon Zipper V-Neck which is a floor length. I think this one will works for small and curvier girls. The bride can choose any color she wants. Look at all those color choices! I'm sure your friend will find the one that compliments any skin tone.

For you who prefer shorter length, this Natural A-line Jewel Chiffon with zipper is also a beautiful piece where the bridesmaids can walk around more freely and assist the bride more efficiently without the fear of stepping on their dress.

Anyway, whatever dress you are going to wear as a bridesmaid, make sure you do your bridesmaid duty and keep your bride happy and cheerful on her big day :)


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