Flair for Pink

vintage top - ShaSha, lace shorts - Sisterz, pink floppy hat - from a Facebook store whose name I forgot!, floral accented black stockings - PVJ, peep toe maryjane black heels - Charles&Keith

I fully realized the fact that my title has zero meaning.. It just sounded fun and grand at the same time. Pretty much the way I like things are. Also the fact that I was wearing a pink vintage-ish top, pink hat, and dashes of pink in my stockings seem to justified the title. 

This top is quickly becoming a favorite from rows of my vintage blouses. It has all that vintage feel with the collar and the print and the colors. The fabric also unexplainably soft and silky. Plus the oversized is just the perfect oversized for me. Does that even make sense? I don't feel like life is making any sense lately. I sleep and eat enough (well, almost enough) yet I feel tired all the time. I guess it's a warning for exercises!
Hopefully everybody is having a fabulous weekend :)

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