Flag Colors

Happy 4th of July! A day late, I know. I thought I joined the Independence day merriment in a subtle way by wearing USA flag colors. A touch of blue, white, and red. 

Been a really long day but so happy cause I got my dream blazer at 50% off! This sale season is dangerous, people. I'm not even kidding! Hopefully everybody is keeping warm tonight (it is freezing here in my room, for some reason, typing in PJ's over sweater!) and wishing you a good night sleep.

oversized denim top - thrifted, lace shorts - Sister, Hello Kitty geeky glasses - from Japan, drawstring bag - Mangdu, oxfords - Gaudi

My sister and I've been meaning to visit our friend's cafe for what it seems like forever, and we finally did! With no sense of direction, relied only at our friend's text, we arrived and had a delightful tea time <3

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