Dear Me, Mr. Holmes

chiffon shirt - The Editor's Market, white skirt - Maize, boxy vintagebag - Hubsch, wooden bow heels - Juice-String, floral crown - ViaDeLaRosa

If you have my BBM contact, you probably get the hints that I have been obsessing over Sir Arthur Conan Doyle genius creation of Sherlock Holmes. I watched the TV series and I must say, it is much more entertaining than the movies! I mean, the movies are all big and grand but I prefer the TV series much more. Maybe because it's relatable to us, youngsters, considering the setting is in our year! How marvelous is that? And now I am currently reading the stories republished by Puffin Classics. Therefore do expect some forgotten words such as dreadful, piteous, and vigil. 

I have been on the look for the perfect white skirt that I could wear all summer long with any vintage blouse as I desire but alas, I found it nearing the end of summer.  However, I am determined to use it as often as I can possibly manage. After all, it is always sunny here in tropical Indonesia. This particular skirt stole my heart with those exquisite brocade detailing at the hem. What more a girl could ask? It also comes in peach color! Do head over to to get one for yourself.

This post dragged more than I expected! Apologies for that. Just let me leave you with my favorite quote from the great Mr. Holmes. (or is it Sir Arthur's??)

"Once you've ruled out the impossibles, whatever remains, however improbable, must be truth."

That is true indeed..

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Let's fight the Monday blue

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