floral crown - Via DeLaRosa, playground blouse - BLANCTERIA, floral blazer - Stradivarius, leather skirt - from sissy!, heels - The Editor's Market

This blazer to me, is a bittersweet combination. It can looks dainty but it can easily transform into an edgy item as well. Which is probably why I fell in love with it in the first place. Decided to take both sides, with lovely floral crown also the collar blouse and an edgy take with my leather skirt and the highest heels I own.

Floral blazer can easily looks granny-like, however, with its black color as basic, and red, yellow, plus blue vibrant color as the cherry on top, also with the zipper detailing, it screams vintage take in a modern way. You will never think of any grandmother when you saw this blazer. Enough rambling, I hope you think this blazer is as awesome as I do. And I know, I know, I haven't been blogwalking, I haven't been in the mood really. But I will reply all comments ASAP.
Good day, all!


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