April Favourites

Hi, guys!
I was actually struggling to remember what items I have been loving in the fourth month of 2018. The only thing I can remember is the book and the card holder. But, after a moment of silent and recollection I do remember a few! So without further ado here is my list of April Favourites.

24 Hours in Malacca

Hi, guys!
I went to Malacca via bus from Singapore. It was actually really comfy & convenient. You do need to bring your luggage with you upon entering Malaysia so they can x-ray your stuff. We were lucky that the immigration was rather empty since we took the 8.40 AM bus. We arrived around 1PM, checked in to our hotel and mostly just mall hopping and souvenir shopping since it was raining. The next day, however, we took the most of it to be all touristy! So here it is our (almost) 24 Hours in Malacca.

The Huskitory Malacca

Hi, guys!
I went to a huskitory while I was in Malacca. And I chose this place over St.Paul's ruin. Mostly because I read you need to hike to get to St. Paul's so I was like . . . let's just find something a little less outdoorsy. And voila, we found this place!
As you've probably guessed it, it's a place for husky dogs. The owner, who is also a husky breeder, claimed that he felt sad for people who loves husky dogs but can't afford one or not in a position to be a pet owner (rarely home, travel a lot, already has 5 dogs,etc.), couldn't play with them. So he decided to create a place where anyone can enjoy playtime with husky dogs. 

Singapore' National Orchid Garden

Hi, guys!
I do apologise for the sudden silence. I went to Singapore and Malaysia last week for 7 nights and when I got home, I was in no mood to blog. To say the past two weeks have been trying would be an understatement, but I'm forever grateful I have God on my side.

Anyway, despite the forlorn intro, I had a good time during my travel and one of my favourite spot I visited is National Orchid Garden located within Singapore Botanic Garden. I've been to Singapore Botanic Garden (SBG) three times but I have never been to its orchid garden since its located so far away from the entrance. And well, my mom is not the biggest fans of outdoor anything. But this year I was finally able to visit this pretty garden! I'm not an orchid lover, but I do think that they are beautiful and mesmerising with its big petals. Plus, I heard so many good things about this garden. You know, Singapore, you did good with your greenery.

March Favourites

Hi, guys!
Can you believe it's April already? I feel like it was just Valentine's Day a week ago. LOL. I sure did some shopping altho not much that made it to my favourites. But anyway, here are a few things that I have been loving in the month of March.

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