The Huskitory Malacca

Hi, guys!
I went to a huskitory while I was in Malacca. And I chose this place over St.Paul's ruin. Mostly because I read you need to hike to get to St. Paul's so I was like . . . let's just find something a little less outdoorsy. And voila, we found this place!
As you've probably guessed it, it's a place for husky dogs. The owner, who is also a husky breeder, claimed that he felt sad for people who loves husky dogs but can't afford one or not in a position to be a pet owner (rarely home, travel a lot, already has 5 dogs,etc.), couldn't play with them. So he decided to create a place where anyone can enjoy playtime with husky dogs. 

When we get there, the door was closed and there was a girl talking in front of all the customers inside so I was like "oh, no, did we missed it?" I thought there was like particular hours when you need to get there or maybe you need to make appointment first. 

So we were just kinda poking around and watching the husky dogs (who were still outside) from afar. Then one of the employee came out and asked if we had made an appointment? We said no (and I was already prepping myself to insist to come in. LOL) and she was like "okay if you want to get in now, the entrance fee is 17 ringgit per person (around US$4) and you can stay until 6.30 (we got there around 4.30)"
I was like "yes, please". The price is unbelievably cheap, I can say. And I thought with such low price maybe the inside smell bad or something but it's just your usual dog smell. Nothing too empowering to make you uncomfortable. And thank goodness it was a full air conditioned room. 

Waiting for his/her treat.
So after they showed you to your seat, they give you magnet and vouchers. One of the voucher is buy 2 get 3 promo for the dog treats. You pay 10 ringgit (US$2.6) for 3 packages. In one small package  there's about 10 small treats. I've been to a dog cafe before so I know the drill. No treats, no dogs. I used the first voucher and start handing out treats and in less than a minute was crowded with huskies. 

Now, I'm a dog lover so I was literally in heaven but if you're not the biggest fan of dogs, it can get scary since huskies are medium sized and they do look like wolves. One of the customer was a small little girl about 7 years old perhaps and she screams multiple times. Out of joy, of course, but I believe out of fear too since the dogs are bigger than her.
So you feed them by putting the treat on your palm and let them lick it, the employees make sure you use hand sanitiser provided by them before you enter. Oh, and you also need to take off your shoes. Worry not, there's not a single pee puddle in sight.

Me : wanna come home with me?
Dog : hooman, where my treat at?

The dogs were all well-kept, well-groomed, and (mostly) well-behaved. They seem to understand easy trick like sit and shake hand (only one so far) but that's pretty much it. I tried to train this little nugget "down" but he refused and kept going back to sitting down pose. LOL. 

So there were all adult dogs (one year and above) and after about an hour with them, the employees called them back inside so they can rest. Worry not, they continued giving US treats by presenting teenage huskies. Now they are teenagers so these are a bit more juvenile and I couldn't get non-blurry pic except when its staged. We asked one of the employee to help us took a pic with everybody's favourite which name I forgot but he/she looks like a bear, right?

After the teenage dogs (about 15 mins with them) here comes the real ultimate cuties. THE PUPPIES. You heard me right, these are four puppies who's just one months old (I think. Or was it two months?) I was about to die out of their fluffiness and cuteness. I can't even describe how a thousand times cuter they are in real life.

You can't touch or pet the puppies since they haven't had any vaccines yet so they are very much vulnerable to any kind of disease. But honestly just seeing their big innocent eyes and wet tiny snots make my heart beam.

The employee talks Malay, English, and even Mandarin. So when one of the employee explains something, she will repeat either in English or Mandarin. When we get there we noticed three employees or you can say caretakers, since obviously the huskies adore them and do anything they command them to. They were all friendly and even offered us a few times to take pic with the huskies. Overall, I had a really good experience at The Huskitory. There's no food or drinks for human to order here. So after the puppies, there should be another thing where we would all come upstairs and see all the dogs achievements in dog shows etc. I didn't see it because I was starting to get hungry (it was around 6PM after the puppies were brought back inside) and we just went out to get dinner.

If you want to visit The Huskitory, they open from Tuesday to Sunday from 12.30PM to 10.30PM. They are located at Jalan Taman Asean and it was about 20mins drive with Grab from Dutch Square. I think that's how they do their hours, every 2 hours. So if you want to experience everything from the adults to the puppies to the house tour, make sure to come at 12.30 then 2.30 then 4.30 and so on... I do believe the entrance fee is very much reasonable and they have great product and service. I can see why it's such a hit despite Malay is mostly Moslems and can't touch dogs. People literally fly from all over the world to have this experience. 

Thank you for reading and wishing everyone a great Wednesday!


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