24 Hours in Malacca

Hi, guys!
I went to Malacca via bus from Singapore. It was actually really comfy & convenient. You do need to bring your luggage with you upon entering Malaysia so they can x-ray your stuff. We were lucky that the immigration was rather empty since we took the 8.40 AM bus. We arrived around 1PM, checked in to our hotel and mostly just mall hopping and souvenir shopping since it was raining. The next day, however, we took the most of it to be all touristy! So here it is our (almost) 24 Hours in Malacca.

If you don't know already, Malacca is declared as World's Heritage by Unesco and it is rightly so. You can see glimpses of the old town all around the tourist area (not so much on their more modern part). Most of the locals are friendly and generally speaks English. The weather was humid and it's raining a lot. Make sure to bring umbrella. There is no specific public transport so your best bet is probably taxis and Uber rides.

Anyway, bright and not too early the next day, after breakfast in our hotel, our first stop is Dutch Square. For some reason, most Uber don't know where it is so I just said "that red houses with fountain" and they were like "oh yea I know" and voila we arrived. The square was filled with tourists, to no surprise, but that doesn't deter us to try take pics!

Dutch Square is also called Red Square thanks to the colour of the buildings surrounding it. The Dutch Square reflects the history of Malacca city itself. The Christ Church & windmill building acts as a reminder from the Dutch colonisation, while the Victoria Fountain is as remembrance of British colonisation. Clock Tower (not pictured here) is to honour a Chinese tycoon that invested in Malacca.

Another option to see Malacca is to ride its boat cruise! You can check their website if you're interested by clicking here.

From the Ducth Square we walked across the red bridge to Jonker Walk for a rice balls lunch. If you visit on weekend, make sure to visit Jonker Walk' night markets. We went there on a Friday so the streets were alive but there were no food stalls. There's also colourful rickshaw to take you around Jonker Walk. It's a fun way to experience the area! I didn't ride one since I rode a lot of those in my childhood. LOL.

After lunch we once again roam around Jonker street and found this colourful wall! Apparently it's a collaboration with Kiehl's and it's pretty new, I'd say. Maybe two years? Either way, it's a really cute spot to take pics!

After some walking, we both feel really hot so to cool down we stopped by Bikini Topping to try their famous coconut ice cream. You can choose some toppings too. It was good but I've tasted better coconut ice cream. The place is really small tho.

If you want more history, you can check out St. Paul's Church but I wasn't in the mood for more sun, so we decided to go to The Huskitory instead. Read all about the cutie huskies here.

From Huskitory, we had dinner at Nancy's Kitchen which was okay, I guess. It was pricey and the restaurant was comfy enough with peranakan decor. It wasn't exactly my cup of tea so I actually had second dinner (Thai food) at a mall across our hotel. We spent the rest of the night looking around inside a mall.

And that's pretty much it about Malacca. If you never visited Malacca, I do highly recommend you to do so. I wouldn't recommend a second visit unless it has been like, ten years ago since you went there. There isn't that much to see and I feel like two nights are enough. 

Thank you so much reading and wishing everyone a good midweek!


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