April Favourites

Hi, guys!
I was actually struggling to remember what items I have been loving in the fourth month of 2018. The only thing I can remember is the book and the card holder. But, after a moment of silent and recollection I do remember a few! So without further ado here is my list of April Favourites.

First thing up is this rattan bag. You might see this rattan bag on my Huskitory post and it is indeed the bag that I wore on my trip to Singapore and Malacca. It actually came with a colourful tassel and pom poms but I took it off since the colours were a little bit in your face (almost neon-like). Without the tassels, it is literally the perfect bag for spring and summer. It holds enough stuff but you definitely can't throw your life inside. I do have to be honest, it's not the most practical bag when you're pushing around your luggage since it doesn't have long strap to wear cross body, but other than that, it's lightweight, durable, and oh-so-unique! I caught some attention of a few Singaporeans, I think, pretty sure.

I bought this Ted Baker card holder at Changi Airport. Ted Baker just recently opened a store in Terminal 2 and since I do like Ted Baker items, I decided to check it out. Do notice I didn't plan to buy anything but this card holder just speaks to my flowery-item-lover heart plus look at that gorgeous colour combo of pale pink and grey. Talk about perfection. 
Now I own like three card holders already and do I really need another one? Probably not. Does that stop me from buying more? Obviously not. 
But anyway, this card holder is slightly bigger than the ones that I have. It has a zip compartment which means I can put coins inside which is always a big plus. There's also more room for cards. I usually can only put three or max four cards before but with this holder I'm able to put six! And despite it's being a little chunky and thick, I really don't mind.

I bought this Shu Uemura lipstick for 40% off from Johor Premium Outlet and now I kinda regretting not getting another colour. This one is in the number 31 which is a very pretty albeit cool toned corally pink. It's so comfy to wear, with just enough shine to give that luscious glow, and two swipes give you maximum colour. On the plus side, with its cool tone, it makes your teeth whiter! I found myself searching for this lipstick again and again this month.

So I bought this Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (shade 52) back in October on my UK Trip last year and upon first trying, I immediately love it but it breaks me out. So I put it away but I though I'd give it another try this month since my skin seems very calm this month. I definitely clean my face more thoroughly and scrub my face upon each use and so far that trick works wonder. No breakouts this time around! 
I know it's a cult favourite and I'm glad now I can safely say I am one of those cult member! I don't wear full face make up on weekdays so on weekend, I'd really like to get all dolled up. For a relaxing weekend, one layer of this and two layers of Maybelline Fit Me Concealer should do and for special occasions, two layers + Fit Me + Nars to cover my spots, it looks like I have flawless skin. I do set everything with Coty Airspun so I don't know if that affects the lasting-ness of this foundation. I haven't worn this all day, I've worn it for maybe half a day (about 8 hours) and all my contour, blush on, highlight, still looks good when I took my make up off. 
They do fade faster compared when I use my UD All Nighter (my make up literally lasts ALL DAY, 6AM to 12AM tested and proven. I did use Benefit Professional Primer and finished it with Skindinavia setting spray), but for a third of the All Nighter price, this Healthy Mix does an amazing job. If you haven't already, I highly recommend you to try it.

I know I know, I mentioned this in a favourite post quite recently (less than 6 months ago?) but hey, if you love it you just know it, right? This is the one that I brought with me on my last trip and I love smelling this when I'm sweating, the smell kinda refresh me. Tell me I'm not the only one who likes how the perfume smell when you're sweating. But anyway, the top notes are citrus, apple, and cedar. Now it's the eau de toilette version so it doesn't lasts long. I can smell it for almost four hours but it's gone after that. If you have been looking for a summer scent, I think you might want to try and smell this. It's by no mean a sophisticated scent, but it's simplicity and freshness are what I think makes this scent so great. It couldn't possibly offend or make anyone dizzy. Even my dad who hates perfumes didn't mentioned anything when I wore this and hug him right after I sprayed it.

I'm not sure where to begin with this book. Upon the first few chapter, I was a little bit confused. There were too many characters introduced at once, and then there's flashbacks, and then there's the short stories. I was, in a way, overwhelmed. I actually put it down to read another book and upon finishing said book, I feel ready to give this book another try. And boy was I wrong. I thought it's just going to be another okay book but about halfway, this book starts to captivates me and I found myself getting harder and harder to put it down. All those flashbacks and little stories start to blend and make sense. 
I don't want to give away any spoiler but I was at first really skeptical about the "ghost" part when I read the back of the book but thankfully, there were no real conversational "Casper" like version. It was definitely feel real. Just a faint scent and dropping items kinda ghost. And I'm okay with that. That's possible. People experiences that on a daily basis.
But anyway, this book is one of those feel-good book. It's light and charming and kinda make the thrifter inside me awakes. You just never know the story behind a vintage blouse or a worn out (albeit in good condition) belt. The story covers almost everything; from romance, a little mystery, and a whole lot of lovely cup of tea.
The characters do feel a little shallow. I mean, I don't know. The writer only gives a thorough background on Laura (which is the protagonist, so I understand that) but I think there's a promising story from Sunshine and even from Eunice. I do believe if you're looking for a light summer read, you might as well add this to your list!

This song has been on repeat all throughout the month. When I first heard it, my husband said it's such a good song and he loves it. And I was like, yeah, it's a good song but I didn't think much about it. Until our road trip from Singapore to Malacca, I thought, let's hear Hillsong new album. And sure thing, I was hooked. My favourite line is "Be still, don't strive. Watch as faith and grace align."
And how true is that. Sometimes we as human always in need to have something to do; something to clean, something to make, something, anything to do to get closer to our goal that we forget how to not to lean on our own strength. I'm not saying you should just lazying around, but you know, it's nice to know that when you've done your part, keep holding on to your faith, and God's grace will put everything together.

I'm pretty sure this movie is on everyone's favourite list. It has 9.1 out 10 ranking online and I disagree. It should have an 11. Ten years and twenty movies in the making, it was pure thrill in each second. I love every single minute and I even dehydrate myself so I don't have to go to the restroom. I am really really sad that A LOT of people died but hopefully there will be a lot of revival in Avengers 4. I mean, when you have a time stone, you can really do anything, you know.
My favourite part is the kick-ass fighting scene of Black Widow and Okoye! I'm telling you, since I first saw a glimpse of Okoye in Civil War, I cannot wait to see how badass they will be together and it did not disappoint!
Another favourite is Thor and Rocket pairing. Such an odd pairing but one that really works! Instead of the excess humour we got from Ragnarok, the couple actually had some heartfelt moments including the one that highlights how much Thor has lost in the course of ten years. Old Rocket would have made a joke about Thor' losses but this is a mature Rocket so instead we get a touching scene.

And that's pretty much it of my April Favourites.
Thank you so much for reading and wishing everyone a great start of the week!


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