Singapore' National Orchid Garden

Hi, guys!
I do apologise for the sudden silence. I went to Singapore and Malaysia last week for 7 nights and when I got home, I was in no mood to blog. To say the past two weeks have been trying would be an understatement, but I'm forever grateful I have God on my side.

Anyway, despite the forlorn intro, I had a good time during my travel and one of my favourite spot I visited is National Orchid Garden located within Singapore Botanic Garden. I've been to Singapore Botanic Garden (SBG) three times but I have never been to its orchid garden since its located so far away from the entrance. And well, my mom is not the biggest fans of outdoor anything. But this year I was finally able to visit this pretty garden! I'm not an orchid lover, but I do think that they are beautiful and mesmerising with its big petals. Plus, I heard so many good things about this garden. You know, Singapore, you did good with your greenery.

So to enter SBG, there is no entrance fee but to enter Orchid Garden, you do need to purchase S$5 ticket per person. The Orchid Garden opens everyday from 8.30AM to 7PM. There is also a small souvenir shop that sells orchid-related items. And no, they do not sell the flowers or any orchid seeds. Strictly items like jewellery or scarves.

We went there on a weekday around 3PM and it wasn't crowded. I mean sure, there were other people around but you can still takes clean photos easily. Well, maybe not around the popular spot like Enchanted Garden. But anywhere else, it's a OK. 
Alright, I have 200ish pics from this place and I will try my best not to just post pics of orchids. LOL. Here we go.

Crane Fountain. Pretty crowded here as people busy taking pics or selfies.
So despite the map telling us to go left, we went right, cause we're rebels like that, not really, it was mostly because we both right-handed and forgot about the map. We managed to get to Golden Shower Arches before everyone else tho! Isn't this the best spot to take outfit pic or what? We have to waited for a little bit until the scene is cleared off people and quickly took some snaps.

There were a few photo spots like this where they give you a nook of some sort to sit surrounded by orchids. Strangely enough, this photo spots are always empty.

Made it to Enchanted Garden and it was crowded so we decided to just take a selfie. We even need to take turns for the selfie. Oh well. The flowers were on point tho in this area! Totally understand why it was full of people.

I'm not sure why my face is like that, but it's the only pic where you can see a little bit of the structure.

Took a moment at Tiger Orchid fountain but somehow can't managed to spot the tiger orchid itself. On the other hand, we spotted a huge lizard crossing the pathway. While I do appreciate that it's a working living habitat, it still gives me the creep.

A hybrid orchid dedicated for Princess Diana after she passed away.
A closer look. Isn't she a beauty?
There were other hybrids mostly for Presidents, Princesses/Kings, and prime ministers. I thought they were all cool but I couldn't help but noticed how Princess Diana' orhicds resembles her so much. It's a no fuss simple flower. Just white; yet it holds such beauty on its own. Pretty much like her.

So after VIP Garden, we made our way back to exit. I did spot Silver Arches from afar but the sky was really cloudy I couldn't take the chance. I definitely didn't see Garden Mist Arches. But maybe next time!

The garden was so well kept, not single trash in sight. Pathways were all in great condition. There were a few shelter area (like a gazebo) where you can get away from the rain. There were also plenty of benches to rest for awhile. I couldn't smell the flowers, for some reason. Does orchid doesn't have smell? But anyway, I do smell the grass and not much else. The air does feel very clean despite the humidity. Overall, I do think its worth the ticket price. Maybe not if you're not a fan of flowers. But for the price, you have such beautiful clean garden, it is honestly a good deal.

If you want to visit National Orchid Garden, the nearest MRT stop is Botanic Gardens (Circle Line & Downtown Line). Nearest bus stop is well . . you can click here and get the complete info.
We went there via Grab from Orchard St.

Thank you so much for reading and wishing everyone a great Monday!


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