Oh Darling, Let's Be Adventurer

I guess the title said it all. When you're young, you should go to as much adventures as you can. I find things I would never think of about myself when traveling. Being an adventurer also turns me into a storyteller. I don't talk much especially to people I didn't know but there are so much story to share that it forces me to be able to talk to a complete stranger altogether. I also find traveling makes me a much flexible person :)
This set of photos are from a few weeks ago at Green Forest Bandung wearing the cutest easiest jumpsuit to wear from www.yoins.com
Anyway, have a great Thursday!  (Do excuse the excessive photos)

Concrete Jungle

Been away from laptop for a while. The last three posts you saw was scheduled posts. What can I say, it's just life gets in the way :)
These set of photos are from a couple weeks back when I went to Jakarta. I quite like the concrete jungle view for a change. There's not much skyscrapers back in my hometown. Despite the traffic jam and the humidity, I always find Jakarta to be a cool place for a quick change of atmosphere from the laid-back Bandung. Everything and everybody is always so busy there. 

Well, wishing everyone a great week!

Secret Sunset

"My soul is full of longing for the secret of the sea, 
and the heart of the great ocean sends a thrilling pulse through me"
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Saved the best for last.. 
Infinity pool is always a good idea.. Especially in this island.
Good bye again, Bali. 
You have been hot and sunny. Thank you for the memories :)
Wishing everyone a peaceful Sunday.

Livingstone Cafe & Bakery Bali

Livingstone Cafe & Bakery is quite famous around my inner circle. People have heard that they serve good coffee and yummy food. IMHO, the food was okay and I didn't try out their coffee. However, I will definitely suggest people to visit just because the price is slightly cheaper and the spacious place is a big plus for large groups. Service was normal, nothing special. Food come out fast enough, but the place was not packed when we were there.

You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

top - Eclair Collection // skorts - Look Boutique
bag - Cloxvox // bracelet - Tory Burch // 
watch - MBMJ // sandals - Little Things She Need

In case you don't know, the title is actually a famous Broadways show' song. Yes, it is indeed from Annie musical. I think we could all agree that everyone looks lovelier with a smile on their face :)
Life has been usual, lots of ups and downs; and despite the uncertainty of the future, I always try my best to keep smiling.
Wishing you a day full of smile!

Prom Times

I never had a prom because when I was in highschool, there's no such thing as prom here in Indonesia. However, in the past three years (I graduated from highschool ten years ago) prom has been quite common among Indonesian highschool. So eventho I wouldn't attend any more prom nights, sometimes I imagine what I would've wear if I had the chance :)
Here listed are my top three choices from PromTimes.co.uk

Sky Ayana Bali

Happy Sunday!
This is from two weeks ago. Attended a wedding at Sky Ayana, Bali. The view was just breath taking and deserves its own postcard or something since the scene was so painstakingly beautiful. With the sunset background, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect spectacle. 

The wedding was super fun! Everybody enjoyed themselves in an intimate setting for 50 people. Besides feeling blessed, I also felt a wave of gratefulness to have lots to be thankful for! Gorgeous view, that warm-heart wedding vibe, and the best companions surrounding me with so much exuberance.

Sisterfields Bali

The much raved about brunch spot in Bali; Sisterfields! The place was packed and luckily we didn't have to get on the waiting list. Lots of foreigners eating in and we were the only Asians around (besides the waiter/waitress) haha. Food was good and the price is normal in terms of Bali price ranges. Nothing outrageous. You can check out the menu at the end of this post.

Calm Waters

top - Bangkok // jean shorts - Stradivarius
watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs // bracelet - Tory Burch
sunnies - Dita // sandals - The Little Things She Need 

These set of photos are from our 1st day in Bali. It was sunset but the water was clam; it was also cloudy creating a mysterious atmosphere around. My hair looks like a crazy person due to the wind. LOL. I'm like Monica from Friends when you put me in a humid weather. My hair goes crazy and has its own mind. But nevertheless it was a beautiful moment by the beach with some of my favorite people.

Chocolate Ville Bangkok

Went to Bangkok for four nights two weeks ago and had so much fun shopping! I just might do a shopping report :)
We didn't do much touristing except visited Chocolate Ville and Madame Tussauds. Since I posted about Madame Tussauds on my previous visit to Thailand, this time I'll just post about Chocolate Ville.
This place is a dream and the weather wasn't as torturing as in the city. Perhaps because it's about 45 minutes drive from Bangkok (we left from Siam Paragon) and we went there around 4 o'clock.

Never Waste a Waist

peplum jacket - c/o Yoins // white pants - Bangkok
heels - Zara // mini antigona bag - Givenchy

One of my fashion rule is to never waste a waist. Granted, sometimes it's so much easier to wear loose-fitting outfit but when you show off your waist, you'll look instantly slimmer! This peplum jacket really shows off the waist area which is for me, the smallest part of my body; thus creating a slimmer silhouette. 
I am also a fan of peplum! I find them to be a fun piece of outfit to create more dimension. Needless to say, I am majorly in love with my peplum jacket. I'll be sure to wear this over and over again for this rainy season.. Thank you, Yoins :) They are having a clearance stock sale, go visit them now! Visit Yoins

Wishing everyone a greay day!

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