5 Easter Outfit Ideas

Hi, guys!
I apologize for lack of posts last week. I have been taking outfit photos but most of those are dedicated for this post :)
Easter weekend or as us Christian like to call, Passover Day is right around the corner. Here I created five looks that I thought will be perfect for a relaxing religious weekend. It is after all, the death and resurrection of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Since I have church service is mind, most of them are modest with sleeves and a little bit of knee shown. But I have always been more comfortable with modest fashion. I have no sexy bone in me. Anyway, modest doesn't have to mean frumpy. It can very well be stylish!

Healthy Mommy Healthy Baby

Hi, guys!
Let's just get that out of the way first. LOL. Pic above is a maternity photoshoot I did for a friend last year. My client was really happy with the result and I thought I'd share it here as well. It's her second child and she didn't do any maternity shoot with the first kid so she wanted something to remember her pregnancy by; but, she doesn't want to spend tons of money either. I volunteer to do everything that I could so she could save money. Of course being the client is a dear friend of mine, I was willing to go the extra mile. From hair, make up, and even styling, I did it all. The lace robe is from my wedding and the black dress was just something I had in my closet. The mommy-to-be didn't have a plain black dress.

New House' Sneakpeek

Hi, guys!
I mentioned it briefly in a post last December that I'm moving out of my apartment to our new home and it is coming together but it's not quite ready yet. I still have a few things that I want to buy to make the house fully furnished and maybe . . .  eventually  . . . I will do like a home reveal or a home tour or something. But in the meantime, these few sneak peeks would have to do. 

Pic above is the living room which I dare say it's pretty much done. Oh wait, I do want to buy a side table to put in front of the standing lamp. Kinda like a charging station. We keep putting our phones on the sofa arm. Which remind me, I need to buy two more pillows so it's more cozy. My favourite part about our living room, right after those deer paintings, is definitely the sofa! My dad actually bought the sofa as a housewarming gift and we couldn't be more thankful since they can be a bit pricey.

8 Make Up Items I Stock Up Throughout The Year

Hi, guys!
I don't really do that much make up on a weekday basis. I do a full face make up on weekend but weekdays are pretty basic. But even on those weekdays there are just some items that I seem to gravitate to and use well . . . almost everyday. Safe to say, I always stock up on these items, since as millennials say these days, they are my "ride or die" make up items. I also listed an alternative-more -budget-friendly option that I happen to love as well.

5 Days London Itinerary

Hi, guys!
I have to admit, I struggled trying to compose this post. I honestly don't remember that much about the last 5 days we spent in London. But . . . thanks to photos, I did remember a few things. So here are what we did, where we went, and most importantly, what we ate in London from Nov 9 to Nov 13.

Harry Potter Studio Tour London

Great Hall. Complete with food props!
Hi, guys!
Get comfy and get yourself some snacks cause this post is long. 
We went to Warner Bros Studio Tour : The Making of Harry Potter on a Thursday, Nov 9th 2017. Hence why there are pumpkins above my head. We purchased the ticket (41 pound/person) about a month and a half in advance and we managed to get the slot that we wanted which is the 10AM tour. It is the first tour of the day so there won't be too many people. Do noticed you can't purchased the ticket on the spot. Once you get to the gate, they will check your booking and then you print your ticket outside the studio.

The studio itself located not in London but in Leavesden, which is about an hour drive with our uber. You can also use the tube of course, but it takes about one hour and a half with a few train changes. We didn't want to be late since lateness might denied entry so we took an uber instead. I think it cost around 60 pounds from where we stayed (Kensington area). We arrived around 9.15 so we had plenty of time to print our ticket and then at 9.30 they opened the door and in we go to line up. 

Sore Today Strong Tomorrow

Hi, guys!

One of my concern (not a resolution tho) this year is to start doing some strength training and less cardio. I have been a fan of cardio just because it's a fun way to sweat. Zumba and dance classes are really where I thrive. But I want to step out of my comfort zone and add strength session. I usually just open my Youtube, and search 45 mins workout with weights. Whether you half-assign or not, you will get sore, but as my t-shirt says; Sore Today, Strong Tomorrow. Anyway, to stick to my weight session, I deliberately got myself a pair of dumbbell and a fitness mat to top it off.

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