5 Days London Itinerary

Hi, guys!
I have to admit, I struggled trying to compose this post. I honestly don't remember that much about the last 5 days we spent in London. But . . . thanks to photos, I did remember a few things. So here are what we did, where we went, and most importantly, what we ate in London from Nov 9 to Nov 13.


We went from Edinburgh to London via train on Wednesday, 9th of Nov 2017 around 10AM and arrived in Ibis Kensington around 2PM. We had an uneventful KFC lunch right in front of our hotel and then decided to visit Holland Garden altho we arrived a little to late around 5PM and the sky was already dark so we didn't get any pic. We ended up had a Korean dinner at Hamgipak.


Bright and early in the morning we went to Leavesden for Warner Bros Studio Tour : The Making of Harry Potter. Read all about our magical adventure that day by clicking here.

We leave Leavesden around 2.30PM, we took the tube and went straight to Borough Market. We had a little bit of everything. From Scottish Egg, a very cheesy sandwich, a juice, a few takeaway cakes, and this greasy pork sandwich. They all really good! And I highly suggest you to visit Borough Market since everything is locally made so you can have an authentic experience on how the Brits eat.

After Borough Market we went back to the hotel around 7PM and honestly we were so tired. We had a noodle cup dinner at 8PM. LOL. It tastes so good tho. There's a Filipino/Vietnamese grocery store near out hotel and we found these! If you're Indonesian, you'll be so happy to find an instant Indomie Goreng cup noodle. We don't have that here! And yes, it tastes just as good as here in Indonesia.


We tried to watch Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace but alas we were too late (Actually we got there at exactly 10AM) and the area was so crowded I only catch a glimpse of it. I ended watched it on Youtube once I got home. LOL. It was fun tho! Everybody was so curious and you can feel that excitement energy. Mostly tourist, unsurprisingly. If you do want to watch it live and get a good view, you might want to be at the Palace around 9AM.

From there we went to Notting Hill and had a Thai lunch altho I forgot the name of the place. The food was good altho service was so-so. We roamed around Notting Hill and I happily found the famous rows of colourful houses! 

From Notting Hill we went straight to Sketch for our tea time appointment at 4PM. We had a nice time and you can read all bout it here.

After that we just walked around Oxford Street (since Sketch is located near there) and enjoying the Christmas lights. The hustle and bustle of London is real, you guys. Especially here in Oxford Street. I obviously, shopped a little. We went back to our hotel around 8PM and had another noodle cup dinner since we both were full from Sketch and weren't hungry until 10PM.


So this is our last full day in London and we obviously MUST see Big Ben and London Eye. Before that, first thing we went to Chelsea Football Club because my husband is a multifan of a lot of football teams, and then had lunch there at Frankie's.

After that we went to Hyde Park because it was fall and you just HAVE TO go there. It's like if you went to New York and not go to Central Park. It was a cloudy day but the sun came out for like 15 mins. So we did get nice pics. Thanks, Mr. Sun!

From Hyde Park we went to finally see Big Ben but as you can see from our not-so-artistic selfie, it is currently renovated. I believe they will finish in 2019 so if you're visiting London before that, tough luck. We then walked across the street to take this nice-a-tad-bit-more-artistic selfie in front of London eye. We propped our camera on a bench.

Now that we fulfilled our Asian-tourist duty by talking a selfie in front of Big Ben and London Eye, we had a free schedule in front of us. I decided to visit Harrods because what girl doesn't want to visit a shopping heaven?

Took pics with the famous Harrods bear and then I bought a Ted Baker bag because that's just typical of me. I love the Christmas decor! Top floor was packed with again, tourists, unsurprisingly. I bought a few cookies to brought home with me for my parents and sister. I also bought a bunch of London magnets but it was all pretty much random. Whenever I see a gift shop, I just walked in and bought what I like. As a souvenir of course.

We had dinner at a Thai restaurant near our hotel called Siam Secret and we love it! Definitely the best green curry I have every tasted.


We had half a day before our 3PM flight so we decided to visit Little Venice. It was a really cold windy day so I didn't get a nice pic without my hair in my face so this selfie of us would have to do. I truly like Little Venice! It's so quaint and there isn't that much to see except for the boats but you can also spend the night or had lunch in one of those adorable boats. Honestly the area reminded me more of Amsterdam than Venice.

We then had another Korean lunch GOGI London. The food was good and service was nice too!

After that off we go to Heathrow Airport. Before we checked in, we took our GST. There was a line but it wasn't bad. I think we spent around 30mins there.

As a round up, we first arrived in London, spent two nights there and then we went to Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, and then back again in London. So our 14 days in UK is divided as 6 nights in London, 2 nights in Manchester, 2 nights in Liverpool, and 2 nights in Edinburgh. My favourite is hands down, London. There's so much to see, to eat, to shop. But Edinburgh definitely comes close! Its historical city really makes my nerdy granny heart beams.

Anyway, that is it for my UK Trip post. You can read all 14 of my UK posts by clicking here

Excited to start posting regular stuff. Is that weird? But don't worry, my husband and I already booked a ticket to Singapore and Penang for next month. Will most definitely do some travel posts about those two places too.

Wishing everyone a great weekend :)


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