8 Make Up Items I Stock Up Throughout The Year

Hi, guys!
I don't really do that much make up on a weekday basis. I do a full face make up on weekend but weekdays are pretty basic. But even on those weekdays there are just some items that I seem to gravitate to and use well . . . almost everyday. Safe to say, I always stock up on these items, since as millennials say these days, they are my "ride or die" make up items. I also listed an alternative-more -budget-friendly option that I happen to love as well.

(1) Benefit Porefessional Matte Rescue Primer

I misplaced my full size primer so this travel size would have to do. Without a doubt, this is one of the best primer I have ever try. I just love how it makes my pores disappear (altho I don't have big pores to begin with) and it has such great oil control. This is the only primer I trust for important occasion. On the days where I'm just going to run errands, I have been a loyal devotee of NYX Shine Killer Primer. I love love love how this makes my skin feels, like a velvety feel and it does a decent job at oil control but obviously not as good as Benefit'.

(2) Shiseido BB Cream

I'm not the biggest fan of foundation. I'm not sure why. I prefer BB Cream and this Shiseido one is really good. I love that it has moisturiser, SPF, and tint in one. This BB Cream has sheer coverage so it looks like you're wearing nothing but it gives life to my under eye dark circles. I usually use two layer and then top it with a setting powder. This combo really gives the illusion that your bare face looks nice and fresh. Unfortunately, I don't have a more affordable option for this.

(3) Coty Airspun Setting Powder

This powder is hands down my all time favourite and I just cannot do my make up without it. It is such a game changer on my make up routine. I like RCMA No Colour Powder as well for super long day (like 18hours and more) since it does have better oil control but the Coty' ones is just as good for 12 hours. I like mine in some tint in it so it helps to give more coverage to my weekdays make up. City 

(4) Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

For my daily make up, it's basically : Primer + BB Cream + Setting Powder + Mascara + Bronzer/Blush + Nude Lipstick and I'm finished in 10 mins. I'm sure it's no surprise that the mascara of my choosing is Benefit' Roller Lash Mascara. It just lengthens my non-existent lashes in one go. I love Lancome' Hypnose as well but it was too expensive. For a budget option, I do like L'oreal Telescopic Mascara (I can't find it anywhere sorry for no pic). It does the same job since it has that curved wand but I found this one clumps a lot easier than Benefit'. It also stings my eye if I put too much. 

(5) Skindinavia Setting Spray

This setting spray is everything. It is the best one to control my oily t-zone and I tried a few, including Urban Decay's but this one is just better. The smell is kinda weird at first but now that I wore this for a year, I'm used to it. Honestly, the smell is a small price to pay for the quality. My make up stay put ALLLLL day and I only need to use blotting paper once for like an 18 hours of wear. Definitely worth the money. Another one I also like is Milani Make It Last Setting Spray which is basically a cult favourite. It doesn't have oil control but I do like how it makes my make up look. It looks just as flawless and make ups do stays for a good 8 hours on me. Definitely a must have in any make up lover' vanity.

(6) Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

Another cult favourite so I don't think I'm going to elaborate too much with this. It's so worth the money, IMHO. For days when I don't need full coverage, I like to go with Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. It doesn't crease even when I use two three layers. It lasts a good amount of time on my skin too. Definitely a must try if you haven't already.

(7) Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I wasn't really sure whether to categorise it in make up or skincare. However, since its job is to remove make up, so I'm going to call it a make up essential as well. If you haven't heard about micellar water, where have you been, gurl? I know Bioderma' is all the rage but that one is a tad bit expensive so I found this is the best quality per price micellar water I have ever tried. I tried L'oreal ones, don't like it, stings my eye. Bioderma stings as well, bu not as bad as L'oreal. However, this Garnier's, no matter how much I put on my cotton pad, it doesn't sting at all. Which is why I keep using bottles after bottles.

(8) Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner

I know that everybody's favourite eyeliner is KatVonD' but I just can't get enough of my Stila. I spent pen after pen after pen and I keep repurchasing it. It's just so reliable. It delivers smooth opaque colour in one swipe. It's truly black, which I like. And it literally stays all day all night. I had this for 18 hours and it did not budge whatsoever. For a more budget friendly option, I turn to none other than Clio Kill Black eyeliner. This one also lasts a long time on me but I never tried it for more than 8 hours. Its tip is a bit harder than Stila' which some of you might prefer. But it does poke a little bit when you want to go really close to your eye. For the price, it's definitely not a problem for me tho.

And that's pretty much it on my holy grail make up items. 
Do you have make up stuff that you just constantly wear everyday?


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