Black and Yellow

Hi, dolls. I am currently saving tons of pictures from my facebook. 
I decided to do a little blast to the past thing for next post!

But for now, let me please you with a little bit yellow (of course, being self-conscious of the brightness, I had to add black). I have never been the one who likes bright things. I like patterns and prints but I like them in muted colors. Even this yellow is actually mustard color. I tend to gravitate toward earthy colors. Brown, green, dark blue, black and white. I guess that's my Virgoness talking. However, for this summer, I am ready to embrace more bright color. Starting with this dress. I found myself attracted to a lot of yellow lately. I am currently looking for a yellow shorts and yellow sandals. Be ready!

So I have about 2000 pictures to sort. Oh my. That is a lot of pictures for 3 and a half year (I started facebook when I got in to uni). I hope I can sum all the fun and hardwork my friends and I had in one post. 

Have a great week!

Let The Sea Drowns Your Sorrow

Here's some pictures taken from my Diana 2 years ago. How I miss those times. These are definitely my favorite pictures to date! I rarely go to the beach so sometimes seeing these pictures makes me sad.. It reminds me how I couldn't go there as much as I want. Boo..

Anyway, this is a scheduled post. When you're reading this, I'll be away in Jakarta on my graduation ceremony! Excited!

Anyway, follow my tweets for up to the minute update : @EscapeSweetest

And I just made a chictopia account! Kindly add me as friend :

Dot Dot Spotty Pleats

I cannot express to you how grateful I am for all of your kind uplifting comments. Seriously, I have the best blog friends in the universe. I am not blue anymore although the thought of joining Smurfsville is still appealing.

Lately I’ve seen pleats everywhere and I am itchy to join all of you to try this old/new trend. However, I am well aware about the fact that pleats can easily make you look bulky. In hunt of the non-bulky pleats outfit, I came upon this dress. I am in love with the color and the chiffon fabric. In my opinion, it doesn’t make me look bulky. Yes? No?

I am wearing glasses! I rarely phographed in it but this is my new glasses so I thought I show off a little bit. Yes, I have 4,50 minus and 2 cylinder so not wearing glasses is out of the question. I wear contact lenses once in a while but my contact doesn’t have the cylinder prescription therefore wearing it too long results in a headache. I only wear contacts for special occasions and when I’m exercising.

It is a secret of mine, but I love overexposed picture. Is this my brain mechanism to rationalize the fact that I’m a terrible photographer cause almost 50% of pictures I took are overexposed? In my mind, overexposed pictures create this bright fun impression and also a little bit dream-like. When I’m dreaming, everything always looks blurry and super bright.
How about you?

Fish Out of Water

Lately that's how I've been feeling. I feel like I'm in a place where I just don't belong and I found myself gasping for fresh air. Or any air for that matter. Any air that doesn't make me feel like I'm a failure. Any air that doesn't make me feel anything I do is never right.  I cry myself to sleep at night and sometimes when I wake up. 
I know I never said anything so far and it looks like I have the perfect life. Well, I don't have a perfect life. We are all only human after all.

Look how smiley and fun my pictures are. I could won an Oscar.

I apologies for such a forlorn post, dolls. I am feeling blue. And if only I have blond hair and shrink to a thumb size, I could proclaim myself as Smurfin and join all other Smurfs to drink sarsaprilla until I drunk.

I promise next post wouldn't be as depressing.


I wore this blue dress on my very first outfit post. And it is rather embarrassing that I am not very creative. I just changed the belt and the hat. Yes I am a creature of comfort and gravitate towards similar things. 

Weekend is here! Yeay! Any special plans? 
Mine include a wedding invitation tomorrow night and a bowl of free porridge tonight! Yum!
Yes.. We're Asians, we love our porridge. You might think it's a sick person food. For us, it's a yummy everyday meal!

 I feel a little 1920's with my hat  (yes I totally googled the year). 
It has been collecting dust (literally, I was sneezing non-stop when I cleaned the hat) at the back of my drawer and it was one of those thing when you know you just had to wear it today. 
Do you ever have one of those feeling? 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Into The Summer Rays

It has been raining everyday every pass 4 o'clock but in mornings and afternoons, it is always sunny and breezy winds blowing make it incredibly fun take pictures! Woohoo!

I know, I know. What would a visit to my blog would mean without an overexposure picture, right? So here's one. 
 I'm super generous like Oprah. Anyone miss her show as much as I do?

I would like to use this opportunity to pick up awards (from 2 weeks ago.. Oops! I am terrible at this kind of stuff)

The Versatile Blogger, Blogger Luxury, and Stylish Blogger award are all from the ever so kind Chyrel from The Fiction I Live

One Lovely Blog Award is from Chyrel and Molly from Miss Influenced

Thank you girls. You are such a doll!

You are supposed to write 7 facts about you. I am even more terrible at this. Oh dear.

1. My name is Stevia. Hi, there!
2. I will be 22 year-old this September. Oh my, I am old!
3. I am currently covered in lemon right now as I just made a homemade lemon tea. Yum!
4. I am super sleepy at the moment. Thanks to 5 hours of sleep last night. *yawn*
5. I love my life. Sometimes I wonder how did I get to be so blessed with an awesome family, a healthy body and mind, and such a cute puppy. Woof!
6. I also love to dance! Ready? Set. Go! (wait, that sounds more like a race.. Hmm..)
7. I am so grateful this is the last one cause I spent like 15 minutes to write these 6 points...

I would like to pass these awards to 15 other bloggers

1. Jamie Lee from Page Sixxx
2. Maggie from LifeSize Paperdoll
3. June from June Paski
4. My lovely sister Vanesa from Little Thing About Life
5. Florence from fantail flo
6. Ivy from Shimmer and Shine
7. Winny (miss you so much, dear!) from Fashion is Talking About Style
8. Marisa from Shades of Monet
9. Victoria from vdcouture
10. Preity from Fashion Solace
11. Audrey from Laces on My Dress
12. Sarah from Mocha Soy Whippy
13. Becky from Try To Be Stylish
14. Annie from Time Enought for Drums
15. Miy from The Picnic Girl

The Embodiment of Wedges

How was the weekend, dolls?
Mine was super slow and mellow. But I don't mind! Weekdays are always busy so I like a relaxing-doing-nothing weekend.

I have been dying to show you my new wedges but it is weird to wear this wedges to courses or bible study as everyone only dress up in jeans and t-shirt and well.. flats or converse. Hence, today is the day! I am going out with my mom and my sister for lunch and... it is lunch-worthy shoes. Yes?

I just love the shape and the prints and for a Rp 200,000 (US $20) it is a steal! Most wedges I like range in Rp 400,000 therefore when I saw this cutie in Bloop Endorse online store, I, without any hesitation (or knowing how much money I had left) order one.

Although it is rather challenging to style it! 
I can't figure out anything else rather than green, pink, white, and chocolate color when I look at these shoes. Thoughts?

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