Black and Yellow

Hi, dolls. I am currently saving tons of pictures from my facebook. 
I decided to do a little blast to the past thing for next post!

But for now, let me please you with a little bit yellow (of course, being self-conscious of the brightness, I had to add black). I have never been the one who likes bright things. I like patterns and prints but I like them in muted colors. Even this yellow is actually mustard color. I tend to gravitate toward earthy colors. Brown, green, dark blue, black and white. I guess that's my Virgoness talking. However, for this summer, I am ready to embrace more bright color. Starting with this dress. I found myself attracted to a lot of yellow lately. I am currently looking for a yellow shorts and yellow sandals. Be ready!

So I have about 2000 pictures to sort. Oh my. That is a lot of pictures for 3 and a half year (I started facebook when I got in to uni). I hope I can sum all the fun and hardwork my friends and I had in one post. 

Have a great week!

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