Dot Dot Spotty Pleats

I cannot express to you how grateful I am for all of your kind uplifting comments. Seriously, I have the best blog friends in the universe. I am not blue anymore although the thought of joining Smurfsville is still appealing.

Lately I’ve seen pleats everywhere and I am itchy to join all of you to try this old/new trend. However, I am well aware about the fact that pleats can easily make you look bulky. In hunt of the non-bulky pleats outfit, I came upon this dress. I am in love with the color and the chiffon fabric. In my opinion, it doesn’t make me look bulky. Yes? No?

I am wearing glasses! I rarely phographed in it but this is my new glasses so I thought I show off a little bit. Yes, I have 4,50 minus and 2 cylinder so not wearing glasses is out of the question. I wear contact lenses once in a while but my contact doesn’t have the cylinder prescription therefore wearing it too long results in a headache. I only wear contacts for special occasions and when I’m exercising.

It is a secret of mine, but I love overexposed picture. Is this my brain mechanism to rationalize the fact that I’m a terrible photographer cause almost 50% of pictures I took are overexposed? In my mind, overexposed pictures create this bright fun impression and also a little bit dream-like. When I’m dreaming, everything always looks blurry and super bright.
How about you?

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