Pedestal Walker

Good day, lovely bloggers! 
How is weekend treating you? I'm having a major headache.. I guess I am not allowed to wear contacts anymore! How sad.. 
Meanwhile I love wearing glasses ( it does make you look smarter!), sometimes the glasses hurts my nose and I get red marks and it gets itchy.. Hmm.. Maybe it's time to get contacts with cylinder prescription..

I took the pictures in the morning. And everything looks blurry. And also a little bit overexposure. Lousy photographer of me. The headache was getting worse therefore instead taking more pictures, I went home..
It doesn't look so bad.. Sort of dreamy?

Perhaps I really should  follow my friend's footsteps and get a photography course!
This lovely vintage dress is from an online store and it's secondhand! This lovely piece only costs me Rp 50.000 (around $5). I feel very Sunday-service-time in this outfit.

I hope you enjoy your weekend! (and the awesome blurry pics)

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