Into The Summer Rays

It has been raining everyday every pass 4 o'clock but in mornings and afternoons, it is always sunny and breezy winds blowing make it incredibly fun take pictures! Woohoo!

I know, I know. What would a visit to my blog would mean without an overexposure picture, right? So here's one. 
 I'm super generous like Oprah. Anyone miss her show as much as I do?

I would like to use this opportunity to pick up awards (from 2 weeks ago.. Oops! I am terrible at this kind of stuff)

The Versatile Blogger, Blogger Luxury, and Stylish Blogger award are all from the ever so kind Chyrel from The Fiction I Live

One Lovely Blog Award is from Chyrel and Molly from Miss Influenced

Thank you girls. You are such a doll!

You are supposed to write 7 facts about you. I am even more terrible at this. Oh dear.

1. My name is Stevia. Hi, there!
2. I will be 22 year-old this September. Oh my, I am old!
3. I am currently covered in lemon right now as I just made a homemade lemon tea. Yum!
4. I am super sleepy at the moment. Thanks to 5 hours of sleep last night. *yawn*
5. I love my life. Sometimes I wonder how did I get to be so blessed with an awesome family, a healthy body and mind, and such a cute puppy. Woof!
6. I also love to dance! Ready? Set. Go! (wait, that sounds more like a race.. Hmm..)
7. I am so grateful this is the last one cause I spent like 15 minutes to write these 6 points...

I would like to pass these awards to 15 other bloggers

1. Jamie Lee from Page Sixxx
2. Maggie from LifeSize Paperdoll
3. June from June Paski
4. My lovely sister Vanesa from Little Thing About Life
5. Florence from fantail flo
6. Ivy from Shimmer and Shine
7. Winny (miss you so much, dear!) from Fashion is Talking About Style
8. Marisa from Shades of Monet
9. Victoria from vdcouture
10. Preity from Fashion Solace
11. Audrey from Laces on My Dress
12. Sarah from Mocha Soy Whippy
13. Becky from Try To Be Stylish
14. Annie from Time Enought for Drums
15. Miy from The Picnic Girl

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