A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet

Weekend was well spent. My Saturday night was accompanied by re-run of American Idol (yeay Lauren is still in!) and cookies with milk. How very glamorous, right? But before I spent my night as a complete boring grandmother, I went to a launching of a new product from Maicih (it's a brand of snack here in Indonesia).

Although I am not a big fan of the snack itself (it's super spicy it will literally burn your mouth!), I went there as a plus-one for my sister. We didn't stay long and when we were waiting for our car to come and pick us up, two girls approached us and asked if it was okay to take our pic. They were doing their photography class assignment and wanted us to model while showing the gift bag. It was so cute and a little bit flattering. Yes? No? Did you get approach like that alot?


I love this skirt. The roses details are amazing!

It's Monday morning and I have 3 hours of traffic jam to conquer.

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