Chinese New Year 2020 Outfit Ideas

Hi, guys!
As per usual, here are 3 Chinese New Year 2020 outfit ideas for you. I also included the dress and the top link if you're interested. For the batik top, it was custom made so I can't really help you there but I included some alternative link with beautiful batik. Hope you enjoy!

Recomended Titles from Books I've Read in 2019

Hi, guys!
I've read 12 books this year and even tho it's down 3 book from 2018, there are great books that I would most definitely recommend to you. Do notice that all of these books are non-fiction and I was definitely on a growing journey of my mental health so most of these are about accepting yourself. Without further ado, here are my recommended titles from books I've read in 2019.

A Look Back to 2019

Hi, guys!
If you read my previous post, you'll probably left with an impression that I was a miserable little lump all year but surely I wasn't miserable through all 365 days of 2019, there were some fond (albeit brief) moments in there as well. And in line with my word of 2020 gratitude, I want to take a look back of 2019 and just be grateful that God still gives me these beautiful memories.

Welcome 2020

Welcome 2020!
I sure hope everyone had a great New Year Eve. Looking back to 2019, I am truly relieved to turn on a new leaf. When I told myself that 2018 was a rough year, 2019 must have waited for me around the corner with an evil grin because holy crap on a cracker, last year was filled with heartbreaks and tears and devastation. But I'm not here to complain, it's a brand new year and there are another 366 of new chances awaits.
So cheers to 2020! 
P.S. Click Read More to see cheesy selfies with our glasses.

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