New Normal Must Haves

Hi, guys!
It feels good to be back to our regular activities isn't it? But even tho the fear has gone down, the infection rate of COVID-19 is still going up. Therefore, please please please abide to your government health regulation such as wearing mask and washing your hand regularly.
Other than mask, there are five other new normal must haves to help us avoid virus and germs.

1. Hand Sanitizer
This one is a no brainer and definitely a must have in your bag. Sometimes a sink is just not accessible or we're in a moving car and need to touch our face. Hand sanitizer is the next best thing. It helps when your hand sanitizer has a cute case isn't it? It makes me want to use it all the time.

2. Mask Case or Mask Chain
This one is also in my opinion, a must have. Especially if you're an essential worker who must to go to work everyday. At some point you need to eat and the best way to store your mask is in a mask case. Ziplock works just fine too. However, who can resist this cute Husky and Corgi embroidery? It makes this whole mask case thing more fun to carry.

Mask chain is less clean but it's very practical. If you don't work around people and can take off your mask regularly, I think it's a good idea to own one.

3. Your own cutlery
While I do believe the food workers are doing their best to minimize contamination, human error is unavoidable. Which is why I think it's best to bring your own cutlery. You can ensure its hygiene and minimize the possibility of being infected.

4. Cofinger
So I'm not sure why it's named Corona Finger, I also saw some stores call it No Finger tool. In short, this handy little thing helps to touch elevator buttons, ATM machines, and even opening doors. I think anyone who works in a tall building or live in an apartment will get huge benefit of this. I tried using it at ATM machine and it works fine altho it's kinda awkward. 

5. Alcohol Spray
I  used to love grocery shopping and I still do but it can a hassle these days because you have to sanitize everything. The easiest way to sanitize your groceries are with alcohol spray. I also spray my packages when it arrives and then I still wash my hand. It's also a good idea to regularly sanitize your door handle. Especially the front door.

And those are five new normal must haves. Which one you haven't have yet?


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