Lilac Trend 2020


Hi, guys!
Another trend that I am loving this 2020 is the lilac trend. This pastel purple color is slowly replacing its predecessor millennial pink. Shall I say this trend is lilac mania? But really, as someone who used to choose everything in purple, I am not complaining.
Lilac is basically a pastel purple with more pink in it while lavender is a pastel purple with more blue in it. For reference, my top and skirt is lilac while my bag is lavender. I know, they are very similar. 

Besides the obvious white, lilac also pairs well with green, pink, nude/beige, and yellow. I always love pink and purple as well as yellow and purple so it's no surprising they look great with lilac as well. What do you think of this lilac trend? Like the puffy sleeve, I think this lilac trend will be received well by the general public since it's not so out-of-the-box. 


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