The New Collar Trend

Hi, guys!
Collars are making its way back into a trendy outfit back in Spring 2020. This year' reincarnation features bigger collar than the usual and I'm here for it. 
The new collar version feels fresh thanks to its XXL size. While the clean cut version with sharp triangle shape is more modern, I'm drawn to its embroidered and lace version of this trend. It lends a more demure and feminine touch to your outfit.
Here I styled three outfits featuring 2020 new collar trend.

Add an urban twist to your embroidered collar shirt with a pair of cropped pants. 
While the embroidery feels feminine, the cropped pants add a masculine touch to create a modern look.
Go retro with this midi dress. 
The print and puff sleeve feels very 90s but that XXL collar gives this dress a current look.

This collar trend gives a preppy and pilgrim-ish vibe.
 Embrace said traits with a midi skirt for a modest outfit.
I personally love the new collar trend since it matches well with my style.
What do you think of this trend? 


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