Reunion House Bandung

Reunion House located at Jalan Setiabudi (very near to Rumah Mode) and only opened a mere three weeks ago. It's on the 4th floor so the view is okay altho my overexposed photos couldn't show that. LOL
I love the spacious area and the wooden furnitures. Service wise was a bit dissapointing on my first visit but the second visit the waiter/waitress seems to have more sprints on their feet. Taste wise, I have tasted better food altho to be fair, I only tasted 2 kinds of meal there (menus at the end of the post). So far the drinks are good! :)
They have 15% off if you post their food photo on instagram.

That's Christmas To Me

Despite my un-christmas-y outfit, I do feel the spirit of joy in this mall' setting! 
Just popping in to say Merry Christmas to each and everyone who is reading this post. I hope this Christmas time you all remember that Christ Jesus our saviour is born and having a birthday! Make sure you say happy birthday to Him ;)

And obviously, may your days filled with glee and peace surrounded by your beloved family. And quoting Pentatonix here  "the only gift I'll ever need is the joy of family. oh why? 'cause that's Christmas to me"
This song is pretty much my background song all December long :)

Now off from the internet and have fun with your family!

White on White for Christmas

cape blazer - House of Fabulous // lace top - H&M // lace skirt - Ste Wardrobe
watch - Michael by Michael Kors // Pashli bag - 3.1 Phillip Lim // heels - Andre Valentino

Put together a white on white outfit about a month ago for a friend's bridal shower. I am not one to dress up in all white because I'm too clumsy to keep them clean all day long. However, I do love how fresh it looks :)
Took the photos at The Heritage hotel. Gorgeous vintage design here and there. Definitely enjoy the different vibe than most minimalist decor in other hotels.
Anyway, two more sleep until Christmas! Who's excited?

Jibby & Co Kuala Lumpur

If you remember, I went to Kuala Lumpur (precisely Subang Jaya area) for a bridesmaid duty. I literally went there just to do a bridesmaid duty but I managed to visit Jibby & Co for a good food with good friends :)
I love the high ceiling and the mix of industrial and vintage touches. Price wise it's not bad at all considering their scrumptios taste. I would definitely recommend Coco Longo, a coconut based drink. So good! Service wise, nothing special. Altho our waiter was very helpful when we were deciding what to eat or drink. And his reccomendation is top notch. There was a bit of a waiting list on weekend.

Vintage Christmas Outfit

vintage blouse - thrifted // culottes - Helo Strangers
mini antigona bag - Givenchy // sandals - Vincci // watch - Daniel Wellington

Do excuse the lack of post. It might be the rainy season that has made me so lazy. It also might be my little newborn nephew is too cute, he distracts me whenever I have a free time. And maybe, it's just life ;)
Finally had a chance to wear my thrifted red top (can you believe it costs me only US$2?) I got from Bangkok. Was going to pair it with my green skirt but again, I was too lazy to navigate my way with a skirt. LOL. A culotte has been my go to bottom choice these days. They are just so practical not to mention tres chic. 
Well, wishing everyone a great week ahead!

P.S. people told me I look super Christmas-y.. Can you blame me? It's the most wonderful time of the year! So there it is, a vintage Christmas outfit.

Lazy Days OOTD

Nothing says lazy quite like a loose black top and skorts. So cozy and practical!
Just a lazy day OOTD from my last day in Kuala Lumpur and some snapshots from the Christmas decoration around the hotel :)
Hoping everybody is having a great weekend!

Collecting Red

red peplum - Sugar Kleren // jeans - Giordano 
watch - Michael by Michael Kors // Petit 2Jours bag - Fendi  
 necklace - Trinkets We Love // red bow flats - Nine West

Come Christmas time I have unconciously collecting red items everytime I shop for anything. You can call it . . . Christmas Party instinct. Exchanging gifts and Christmas dinners, not to mention Christmas services, I have to be ready for all those kind of events! Hence, my need to purchase anything cute in red ;) Sales are not helping my wallet's health either.
A quick life update : I am going to Kuala Lumpur the day after tomorrow for a bridesmaid duty. Wish me tons of luck and health because I'm having the worst tootache along with coughs. Boohoo.. Been under medication most of the time so I have been increasing my cappuccino intake, which I can't complain.
Anywho, have a great December! 

Oh Darling, Let's Be Adventurer

I guess the title said it all. When you're young, you should go to as much adventures as you can. I find things I would never think of about myself when traveling. Being an adventurer also turns me into a storyteller. I don't talk much especially to people I didn't know but there are so much story to share that it forces me to be able to talk to a complete stranger altogether. I also find traveling makes me a much flexible person :)
This set of photos are from a few weeks ago at Green Forest Bandung wearing the cutest easiest jumpsuit to wear from
Anyway, have a great Thursday!  (Do excuse the excessive photos)

Concrete Jungle

Been away from laptop for a while. The last three posts you saw was scheduled posts. What can I say, it's just life gets in the way :)
These set of photos are from a couple weeks back when I went to Jakarta. I quite like the concrete jungle view for a change. There's not much skyscrapers back in my hometown. Despite the traffic jam and the humidity, I always find Jakarta to be a cool place for a quick change of atmosphere from the laid-back Bandung. Everything and everybody is always so busy there. 

Well, wishing everyone a great week!

Secret Sunset

"My soul is full of longing for the secret of the sea, 
and the heart of the great ocean sends a thrilling pulse through me"
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Saved the best for last.. 
Infinity pool is always a good idea.. Especially in this island.
Good bye again, Bali. 
You have been hot and sunny. Thank you for the memories :)
Wishing everyone a peaceful Sunday.

Livingstone Cafe & Bakery Bali

Livingstone Cafe & Bakery is quite famous around my inner circle. People have heard that they serve good coffee and yummy food. IMHO, the food was okay and I didn't try out their coffee. However, I will definitely suggest people to visit just because the price is slightly cheaper and the spacious place is a big plus for large groups. Service was normal, nothing special. Food come out fast enough, but the place was not packed when we were there.

You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

top - Eclair Collection // skorts - Look Boutique
bag - Cloxvox // bracelet - Tory Burch // 
watch - MBMJ // sandals - Little Things She Need

In case you don't know, the title is actually a famous Broadways show' song. Yes, it is indeed from Annie musical. I think we could all agree that everyone looks lovelier with a smile on their face :)
Life has been usual, lots of ups and downs; and despite the uncertainty of the future, I always try my best to keep smiling.
Wishing you a day full of smile!

Prom Times

I never had a prom because when I was in highschool, there's no such thing as prom here in Indonesia. However, in the past three years (I graduated from highschool ten years ago) prom has been quite common among Indonesian highschool. So eventho I wouldn't attend any more prom nights, sometimes I imagine what I would've wear if I had the chance :)
Here listed are my top three choices from

Sky Ayana Bali

Happy Sunday!
This is from two weeks ago. Attended a wedding at Sky Ayana, Bali. The view was just breath taking and deserves its own postcard or something since the scene was so painstakingly beautiful. With the sunset background, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect spectacle. 

The wedding was super fun! Everybody enjoyed themselves in an intimate setting for 50 people. Besides feeling blessed, I also felt a wave of gratefulness to have lots to be thankful for! Gorgeous view, that warm-heart wedding vibe, and the best companions surrounding me with so much exuberance.

Sisterfields Bali

The much raved about brunch spot in Bali; Sisterfields! The place was packed and luckily we didn't have to get on the waiting list. Lots of foreigners eating in and we were the only Asians around (besides the waiter/waitress) haha. Food was good and the price is normal in terms of Bali price ranges. Nothing outrageous. You can check out the menu at the end of this post.

Calm Waters

top - Bangkok // jean shorts - Stradivarius
watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs // bracelet - Tory Burch
sunnies - Dita // sandals - The Little Things She Need 

These set of photos are from our 1st day in Bali. It was sunset but the water was clam; it was also cloudy creating a mysterious atmosphere around. My hair looks like a crazy person due to the wind. LOL. I'm like Monica from Friends when you put me in a humid weather. My hair goes crazy and has its own mind. But nevertheless it was a beautiful moment by the beach with some of my favorite people.

Chocolate Ville Bangkok

Went to Bangkok for four nights two weeks ago and had so much fun shopping! I just might do a shopping report :)
We didn't do much touristing except visited Chocolate Ville and Madame Tussauds. Since I posted about Madame Tussauds on my previous visit to Thailand, this time I'll just post about Chocolate Ville.
This place is a dream and the weather wasn't as torturing as in the city. Perhaps because it's about 45 minutes drive from Bangkok (we left from Siam Paragon) and we went there around 4 o'clock.

Never Waste a Waist

peplum jacket - c/o Yoins // white pants - Bangkok
heels - Zara // mini antigona bag - Givenchy

One of my fashion rule is to never waste a waist. Granted, sometimes it's so much easier to wear loose-fitting outfit but when you show off your waist, you'll look instantly slimmer! This peplum jacket really shows off the waist area which is for me, the smallest part of my body; thus creating a slimmer silhouette. 
I am also a fan of peplum! I find them to be a fun piece of outfit to create more dimension. Needless to say, I am majorly in love with my peplum jacket. I'll be sure to wear this over and over again for this rainy season.. Thank you, Yoins :) They are having a clearance stock sale, go visit them now! Visit Yoins

Wishing everyone a greay day!

Givenchy Mini Antigona Mini Review

I recently purchased a Givenchy mini antigona in oil blue (or petrol color some people say) on an instagram store @legaleriesusan (I know, I know what was I thinking??) but the seller has a reputable sheet of selling authentic stuff and I did not see one complain and the bag has a Reebonz invoice so I was quite confident about buying there. It came very fast (about 3 days) from Surabaya, which usually takes around 4 to 5 days. I fell in love with the color and the leather smell is not too overwhelming, which is good.

Common Grounds Bandung

Before we get in and talk about Common Grounds Bandung, I would like to announce that I will be away for two weeks so the blog might be a little quiet. I have one more post scheduled for Friday but that's pretty much it. I'll be back for a while, however, I'm not sure if I would be able to squeeze in time for blogging. And do send me your positive vibes and thoughts because I haven't been feeling well for the past month. So yeah.. There's that.

On another note, this post is about the recently opened & much popular brunch spot in Bandung, Common Grounds. Originally from Jakarta, all of us here in Bandung were excited and obviously, we poured over here non-stop. I visited this place twice and the place was always packed.

Long Vest for Fall

long vest - Helo Strangers // crop top - H&M // skorts - Cloth Inc
silver floral necklace - Saint Peters // watch - Michael Kors
Petit 2Jour Bag - Fendi // monster bag charm - Petit Monstre
ankle strap white sandals - Zara

Layering is really the key to staying warm during chiller months and what better way to do it than rocking a long vest! So cool and sophisticated chic. Here in Indonesia we only have two seasons but the weather indeed is getting colder and I'm happily pulling out my favorite outerwear. Been constantly wearing black and white these days thanks to my ulcer problem, I couldn't be bother to think about mix and matching colors. Boohoo.. I miss not feeling nausesous all the time. 
Oh! And also, since I have been rocking black and white more often, I also have been wearing my red lipstick more often. This one is by YSL Rouge Pur Couture 01. I have this for a year and it's definitely my go-to red shade. Such a creamy texture with a slight matte finish :)
Have a lovely day, all!

Beach Wishlist by Yoins

I am going to Bali at the end of this month hence the wishlist! I am so stoked about this trip because I'll be going with my friends to attend a dear friend wedding. Anyway, as you can see, I'm all about prints for Bali because prints is always so lively against the ocean blue backdrop :)
My favorite is between the playsuit and the gladiator!
Anyway, wishing everyone an amazing day. Don't forget to visit Yoins for more shopping experience.

Peachy Pink

top and culottes - @helostrangers (ig)
ankle strap heels - Zara

Is it peach is it pink? I have no idea. Sometimes a customer would ask is it a peach color or is it a very light pink color? I would just say.. Well.. It looks a lot like the one in the photos.. Haha. Personally, I would say this one is a bubblegum pink. All agree?
Anyway, I have a wedding this weekend. And ... I do not know what to wear! I feel like I have worn everything for all those wedding invites. But I'm sure I'll come up with something :)
Have an awesome weekend, all!

Hutan Babakan Siliwangi Bandung Park

floral top - SugarKleren // green sateen skirt - tailor made
watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs // MAB mini tote - Rebecca Minkoff
green wrap bracelet - Tory Burch // sandals - Little Things She Need

Hutan Babakan Siliwangi is well .. sort of a park, I guess, which is located in Bandung obviously. I come to know this place from a weekly news on my church and my bf' church. It looks very photogenic in pictures but it's not as impressive as I thought it would be, despite the fact that I do love  how the photos turned out :)

This place is lovely despite the vandalism. And it was rather crowded altho taking photos comfortably is still possible. In fact, there was a family doing a photoshoot there. And another young people in groups doing video shoot of something. I do believe it's a cool spot to take outfit photos! Especially with earthy fall tones like I adorned here.

Anyway, I edited this photo with Photoshop using Creamy Luxe action from
They have ah-mazing actions (you can say.. filter.. altho not quite the same) and if you're familiar editing photos with photoshop, I highly suggest you to visit.

Kimono Outer + Culottes Combo

kimono outer + culottes - Helo Strangers
heels - Zara
Taking a black and white outfit up a knotch with a kimono outer and culottes combo.
Loungewear that you can wear outside is the dream.
Have an awesome Monday, all!

Back Alley Coffee and Kitchen Bandung

Hi guys, it has been a while since I posted! I have no reasons except that I don't have anything to write. I don't feel like doing an outfit post lately so I thought I'll just do a foodie post :) 
This one is Back Alley which is relatively new.. Not as new as Old Ben's tho. This is actually my second visit and despite their bitter coffee (not that it's bad just not my taste), it is the hip place right now so it's quite inevitable to visit. 

A Lil' Bit Country

Feeling just a lil' bit country in this adorable dress. Do excuse the creased denim part, I ironed it but I'm not very good at domestic stuff like cooking and ironing. I do try tho! I actually like ironing despite the fact that I don't have the techniques right.. Haha. It feels very soothing to do something so mundane without thinking.

Anyway, wishing everyone a fantastic start of the week :)

Off Shoulder Trend

off shoulder top & long culottes - Helo Strangers
black ankle strap heels - Zara
TGIF, right?
It has been one busy week; time literally flew by. It feels like it was just yesterday I went to a Zumba class and yet, I just got out of a Zumba class yet again.. How is your week, readers?
On a fashion note, I am currently absolutely obsessed with off shoulder trend. It looks very sexy without being too revealing. Just the right amount of skin indeed. My top has a tile on the collar area so the rest of the fabric sits just right :)
Paired your favorite off shoulder top with a long culotte for a major, on point fashion statement.
Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!

Old Ben's Garage & Coffee Bandung

Phew! I'm finally posting about Old Ben's Bandung! Sponsored posts are lining up so I thought I just sneak this in :)

Visited this place two weeks ago with my lava and had a pleasant time. Industrial theme no longer bother me perhaps because it has become too much, my annoyed nerves shut down. Haha. Either way, I do think industrial theme and coffee shops are a good match tho. I mean, can't you see how pretty the coffee looks like with the wooden table background?

Anyway, place is not that big and it is indeed located in a renovated garage. Their coffee is fine but I prefer Two Hands Full's one. Perhaps because its sweeter there. Lord knows I do not EVER drink bitter cofffee. I do however will come back again just for their Acai Berry Bowl. So good! They also serves savory/breakfast menus.

Be My Bridesmaid

Last weekend, one of my dearest (and oldest) friend finally tied the knot to her Prince Charming! They are now on a honeymoon but I thought I posted a tidbits from the garden nuptial since we took so many photos anyway. I particularly love the soft peachy color of our bridesmaid dress with the pale bouquet of flowers.

25 Things I Learned by My 26th Year

Feeling particularly old since I'm turning 26 yo today. In turn, my birthday always make me a little bit reflective about life.. Hence, I decided to write this post. Most of them are inspired by other people's post but there are a lot of personal experiences too . Some are funny some are deep, but all of them I sure have learned.

Switching Things Up

top - // skirt - // sandals - Zara

Switching things up with your look is as easy as a colored hair extensions! You will look totally different especially if you're usually have short hair, it's like a makeover altogether :)

I like purple ever since I'm in high school and even tho it's not my favorite color, I probably still write purple if I have to choose one color. My experiences with hairclip extensions had been nothing but happy altho they can be heavy when you wear it all day long but for one hour or two, I don't have any problem wearing them. It's one of my beauty secret for glorious hair on special events!

Open for Sponsored Post

Feeling a little bit polkadot last weekend and here's the outfit I came up with! Took these photos at Old Bens, a new coffee shop near my house. Will post about the place on the next post.

Regarding the title, do click Read More button below for info about sponsored posts :)

The Sincere Bridesmaid

Just received this pretty bridesmaid essentials for my dear friend's wedding this weekend. I am loving the soft pastel colors for the upcoming garden nuptial! If you have a wedding coming up, either you're the sincere bridesmaid who ever so happily cheering up and assisting your bride, or just a simple wedding guest, you can visit Milly Bridal for elegant bridesmaid dresses UK with so many discounts! 

This beautiful Sheath/Column Off-the-shoulder dress is divine. I absolutely love the collar variation with the off-shoulder. So different than the usual sweetheart or tube design. It will also be very flattering for those with wide upper body. Plus point? It's on sale!

Vermont Restaurant Bandung

Visited Vermont located at Jalan Karangsari no. 10 (right next to Jubilare/Swarga) yesterday. There weren't any sign on the street so I actually missed the place and had to turn around. But that's probably because this place only opened a mere week before, so that's totally understandable.
My first impression was "wow this place is fancy" and I love fancy places because it'll give me excuse to dress up and don't I love getting dressed up. Haha. I just thank the Lord upstair that this one is not another coffee shop. I mean, I'd live out of coffee and brunches, but really, Bandung has too many hipster coffee shops with those achingly similar industrial interior. 

Overexposed Roses

top & skirt - Helo Strangers // earrings & necklace - @Trinkets.We.Love (ig)
BB Alma Magenta - Louis Vuitton // brown Sally wedges - Tory Burch
maroon watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs

Apologies for such overexposed photos! My camera is really weird.. When the photos look great in the camera, it will be underexposed on my laptop. Hence, I'll bump up the brightness of the photos resulting in these overexposed photos. Huft.. Any idea? My camera is Fuji X100T.. Any input will be appreciated! :)
Anyway, hopefully everybody is having a great week <3 nbsp="">

Spatula Bogor

Spatula is a bakery and cafe located in Sentul City. So I guess it's not exactly in Bogor, but it is super near! They are famous for their pizza and it definitely live up to expectation. Place is small. First floor is the bakery (my pandan bread was pretty good) and second floor is the cafe Spatula bakery accepts delivery. In my understanding, based on the menu, Cafe Molinari is in charge of drinks menu.

Independence Day

cape blazer - Clothencounters // tube top - Victoire Clothing
necklace - instagram 
ripped jeans - SysClothier // black wedges -

Today is the 70th Independence Day of Indonesia and to join the merriment, I decided to sport our flag color which is red and white. I'm really happy that Indonesians are starting to have more appreciation towards their own country. It has so many gorgeous landscapes and I'm also very proud towards our rich culture. I never have much of a patriotism but I do love my country :)
Anyway, if you, Indonesians could follow my new accesories online store at instagram , it would be much appreciated and I would definitely follow back. I'm selling good quality-up to date-necklaces with much cheaper price than the usual store.

Well, have a great week ahead!


sweater & skirt - Helo Strangers // black wedges - Cloxvox

Putting on my Tokyo sweater because I'm drooling over #ellejessinjapan instagram posts. I totally get why the Yamada sisters going back to Tokyo over and over again. I visited the city twice (check out my Japan posts) and I wouldn't mind a third visit.
Anyway, hopefully we all will have a great long weekend here in Indonesia and avoid traffic jam as well as our Waze told us to ;)

About Silhouette

Hello hello..
Apologies that I missed Monday post. It has been a hectic week-start but things are winding down and I finally have time to post :)
On this post, I would like to emphasize how an interesting silhouette can really cemented you on a trendsetter status. Even though a cape blazer is no stranger to any fashionista, a cape top is still an uncharted territory here in Indonesia. I looove the drama and how flattering the sleeve is on any kind of body shape. And yes, I do feel like a superhero and so ready to save the world ;)
Have a nice midweek!

High Ceiling

top - H&M (old) // skirt - Helo Strangers
watch - Daniel Wellington // sandals - Gary Webber
medium pashli satchel - 3.1 Phillip Lim

Well I hope everybody had a great first week of August! It's weekend already and I'm going to end this weekend on a high note. So stoked for Planetshakers concert tomorrow! I even bought a whole new outfit (well except for the jeans) which means I am really really looking forward to rock and roll and praise and worship God together with my friends. Will try to sneak an outfit photo before the concert :)
Have a happy weekend all!

Popolo Coffee Bogor

This Popolo Coffee is my favorite place that I visited in Bogor. It's super adorable and it has cool air condition. Space wise the place is spacious enough but there isn't much space for a big group for people. Like any other coffee shop, you order at the bar and then a waiter/waitress will bring your order to your table. Price wise it's not expensive for me, if any, it's cheaper than most coffee shops here in Bandung.

Monarchy Bistro Bogor

I didn't know what to expect when I was about to visit Monarchy Bistro but nonetheless, I was quite impressed. I had no idea Bogor has a nice cafe/restaurant. The place is spacious with smoking and non-smoking area separated nicely.  It has industrial theme but I didn't quite hate it... Perhaps because they have quirky yet adorable sketches everywhere. The place was full and we have to waitlisted for a while but they have such comfy sofa to wait so who can complain?

Carnivor PIK

So this Carnivor is different from the one located in Bandung. This one in PIK is definitely a big brother of some kind because it's better than the one in Bandung. Space-wise this place is huge if we're comparing to PIK cutie tiny cafe standard. Hence, I would recommend this place as a family-friendly place! I love the warm ambience with exposed brick wall here and there. It feels very rustic. Like a dining room of a traditional American house. Food-wise is good but I found nothing special...

Shop at RoseGal

It has been awhile since I was approached to do a sponsored post so I'm quite excited with this one! Not to mention that Rosegal has great fashion items, not just clothing, but also accesories and even the latest craze of temporary tattoos. They also have an impressive collection of hats and my favorite is this stripey number. So perfect for your little black dress or even your little black romper.

This pretty stripey straw hat is just the best because it's unlike other hats that I've ever seen. Very rarely I see a stripey straw hat. In case you want to grab it, you can click here

You can definitely pair that cute stripey hat number with a solid black romper. Romper is still trending thanks to its chic sillhoutte. Click here to place your order.

This jewelry tattoo is the perfect accesory for those late night party. It's cute and cheap and you don't have to be afraid of losing it while dancing! You can get one by clicking here

My favorite part is the free shipping worldwide part of course! I always dread those $20 fee when something I bought is not even that expensive! Anyway, they are having an anniversary promo so it's the perfect time to shop :)

Have a nice day shopping, all!

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