Monarchy Bistro Bogor

I didn't know what to expect when I was about to visit Monarchy Bistro but nonetheless, I was quite impressed. I had no idea Bogor has a nice cafe/restaurant. The place is spacious with smoking and non-smoking area separated nicely.  It has industrial theme but I didn't quite hate it... Perhaps because they have quirky yet adorable sketches everywhere. The place was full and we have to waitlisted for a while but they have such comfy sofa to wait so who can complain?

 Smoked Beef BBQ Sandwich (42k)
I didn't try it but my sister said it was okay.

 Fettuccine Bolognaise (49k)
So my fettuccine has nothing special but it was a generous portion with TWO garlic bread. 
Hence, it's very worth the money.

 The smoking area. Nicer than the non-smoking, in my opinion.

I would definitely revisit despite the so-so food because I heard their pizzas are to die for. Plus, service was rather fast and no grumpy waiter/waitress so that's always a plus :)
Wishing everyone a good day! Included below is the menu.

Monarchy Bistro
Jalan Pajajaran Indah V, Bogor
+62251 8324043


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