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Nothing screams summer more than a crazy bright color combo. Orange and blue strangely looks good together don't you agree? Combine, both colors make me craving for a nice cold slurpee! 

Skirt is from Helo Strangers..
I guess it was only a matter of time before any blogger starts to sell clothings! Mine is a mix of brand new items (like this skirt) and second items. Which remind me, my store Shop The Sweetest Escape is back open with many adorable flowery summery dresses as well as crazy printed skirts for only a fraction of orginal price!

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One more day and weeekend is ours!

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Tackling Vintage

I love vintage clothing. There's something so fascinating in wearing an item that you know has some history in it. And the plus side, no one will wear the same thing as you! It's special. But finding that one perfect item can be quite a work. There are some great stores out there who do all the hard work though (my local fave is Vernal Vintage and BonVieux). Stitching the loose strands, get rid of the stains, or change the entire buttons because one was missing, making sure that item is ready to wear.

Despite the hard work, a vintage item is a treasure to own. And if you have the time to go to all those flea markets, digging through dozens of racks, I promise you, it will yield some amazing steals. Like this dress which I found in Chaktucak Market for only 150 baht (less than US$5) and I can honestly tell you, this dress is one of the loveliest thing I have in my closet, and probably the cheapest.

Now to the fun part. Dressing up. So I have this dress, right? It's a darling and yes, it looks a bit costume-y if I wear it as it is. Working vintage clothes and accesories into our outfit is fun, but it has to be kept in check (unless you're like me, whose aim is to dress like I just stepped out of a time capsule, click Vintage Dressing 101 for that). Limit yourself to one vintage piece per outfit and update your ensemble with on-trend items. A vintage blouse is an investment, at least for me, because it fits perfectly with my style, and with a trendy skirt, for example, a solid black skater skirt and a pair of heels, I got myself a classic getup that is perfect for a Sunday brunch or a family day out. 

A dress is quite difficult to tackle. What you can do is add an outer and accesories which can transform the whole outfit completely. A boyfriend blazer, leather jacket, or ankle booties, anything to make it less era specific. For those who are not comfortable in wearing someone else's discard clothing, but still itching to try, vintage accesory is your answer. Pearls, victorian pins, bags, or even a belt. All can work their way to give a little vintage shine on your ensemble.

Thank you for reading and have a great Monday, all!

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Sponsor Spotlight : Hello Voila

One of my weakness is adorable looking flats cause they are essentials on my daily outfits. I probably wear those everyday and as you can witness on my blog, I rarely wear heels. I'm not sure why. I know for a fact wearing heels can make you look taller and thus lighter. It also helps you stand up straighter. Now I am all about the positive things (since I'm on the short side, and well, heavier side) but wearing heels often feels overdressed for me. Also, the next day I usually feel a little bit sore. Therefore, I collects flats. And this one fits the bill perfectly. Hello Voila kindly sent me their Chocolet Patron shoes! Thanks!

I love the pretty prints that is a little bit vintage but there's an ethnic feel in it. And it's super warm! So when the temperature drops, this shoes will give you enough warmth. The lace ups is a classic and you can wear this for hanging out or even to class. There are more less printed option there so don't worry if you are a little bit on the shy side. And yes, this prints kind of hard to style! Hence, I decided for a super simple outfit with the denim shirt and nude highwaist shorts.

Contact info for Hello Voila :
twitter : @hello_voila
insta : hellovoila
mail : sayhellovoila@gmail.com

PS. My sister and I just launched our own online store! Open for all Indonesians.. Go to http://facebook.com/strangershelo and do click that like button! :)

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What to Pack to Somewhere Warm (City/Beach) for Five Days

Holiday time is finally upon us and I am sure all of you are getting ready (or maybe already in a getaway?) for your sweet escape! It will be fun wandering around in a new atmosphere and scenery or enjoying the sand and the sun. But.. What to pack? I always find holiday is a perfect time to take beautiful outfit pictures (and the gorgeous backdrop behind you ofcourse) without people staring at you wondering why there such people who are so vain.. Hence, here I will try my very best to present you THE LIST of what to bring for a vacation somewhere warm.. Considering it is summer time.. Most of the places will have lovely sunny weather all around. I also choose five days to create the list cause I don't want it to be too short or too long. If you're going away for three days, just reduce the amount. If it's for two weeks, get double of each item from the list.

First thing first. Before packing, you need to know your itinierary. You don't have to know every single detail, but just make sure you know where you are going that day. If you are going to the beach, you don't want to wear your favorite flats who can easily scratched with too much sand. And if the friends are planning for a nice night in a fancy lounge, you don't want to wear your shredded jeans shorts! I'm just saying, it doesn't hurt to memorize your itinierary. Also, make sure you check the weather on your destination. Maybe it is summer, but when I went to Seoul, the summer there is hot AND rain a lot. What happened if you don't bring an umbrella?

- minimal make ups (your trusty powder/foundation; I use MAC cause it has SPF in it; brow pencil; blush on, colored lip gloss; I use one from Body Shop cause of the vitamins; eyeliner (optional); I have terribly small eyes so when I don't use eyeliner I look reaallyy sleepy; leave your falsies eyelashes, eyeshadows, and mascara at home. Those three items take too much time to use in the morning)  
- 1 set of sleepingwear (make sure it's warm cause lots of hotels go crazy with air con)
- 5 set of undergarments ( I usually bring 4 bras and 10 undies, all in neutral colors which is black, white, or nude)
- 3 tanktops (either it's black or white for your sheer tops)
- 1 skin color opaque thights (I'll explain later on)
- 3 nice tops (this tops should relatively not easy to wrinkle and can work from day to night)
- 1 daydress (preferably with fun prints or solid but bright color)
- 2 white or black plain tee
- 1 black cardigan
- 1 denim jacket or 1 black/brown leather jacket
- 1 jeans  (black/navy is a good choice. avoid jeans that are too tight)
- 1 jeans shorts - 1 cute summery skirt
- 1 comfortable flats
- 1 sandals/flip flops in black/other solid color. Colorful flip flops are too beachy and hardly can be use for a nice cafe/lounge
- 1 medium size bag in either black or brown so it can be easily mix and match
- 1 swimsuit ( bring more if you'll spend more time on the beach)
- 1 wide brimmed hat in white/brown, avoid black cause it might make you look like a witch and steer away from any other bright colors cause you want to be able to wear it with any of your swimsuit (optional since it's a pain to bring around such a big hat that you can't tuck in to your bag cause it will be ruined)
- 1 foldable small umbrella
- 1 camera (you can go practical with your IPhone or you can bring DSLR like me, which is not practical at all but create such BEAUTIFUL images)
- 1 light scarf in solid color for extra layer inside the plane or as a coverup when you're on the beach

Now that I am done with the list, here are what I will bring if I go somewhere warm. 


You are most likely spend your entire day in a plane/train/bus and those vehicles are most likely cold with no air circulation. My goal is to stay warm and comfy without looking like I'm wearing a pyjama. The trick is to keep everything basic (the jeans and the white tee) and add a trendy outer. In my case, I am particularly love my Zara oversized sweater cause it's super comfy while the leopard prints are so on trend these days. The plus point, I can use that sweater for sleeping if the hotel is too cold!


Day one is usually low key cause everybody is still recovering from the tiring trip to the destination. This outfit is perfect for visiting museums or little traditional shops. The pretty bright pleated skirt is so summery and anything with bright colors will look nice on the camera. For night time, you can easily put on your cardigan for extra warmth.


Day two is perfect for a day full-energy-activities either it be a beach or a theme park cause you all had enough rest. As you can witness, see-through tops are perfect for a cover up on the beach!


It's the best time of the whole vacation. You start to get the hang of things (either its MRT or subway or even just spotting a taxi stand) and you really want to explore. It's the perfect day to search those local cafes and local boutiques and even that latest hip lounge which might require getting lost a little bit. Make sure to wear your trusty flats. And forget your brand-new-super-adorable ballet flats. Because they are new and they are most likely to give you blisters on the very first day you wear them.


Okay, galaxy prints are so last year but you have to admit, it looks REALLY good in pictures. Those beautiful blend of colors make this top my go-to item when I don't feel like dressing up but still want to look catchy. Day four usually the day when I look for souvenirs for my family and friends. You want to be armed and ready to go on that bargain-war so throw on your cool denim jacket (or leather jacket works too!)


It's the last day! Time to be the perfect tourist. Go to all those cheesy tourist spots and take all that cheesy tourist-y pics. A statue or a building, you want to be camera ready. Prints are captured beautifully on camera which is why I encourage you to wear bright colors/prints when you are taking plenty pics that day. For in-flight, you can put on your denim jacket (and that solid color scarf!) for warmth. Now you understand the use of the nude opaque thights! It also adds extra warmth on your trip home..

- Drink plenty of water a day prior to the trip to help with the dehydration, and it helps with jet-lag too!
- Make sure to put in your passport and tickets inside your bag the day before
- If your vacation destination is to shop (like I did when I went to Bangkok) pack verryyy lightly
- So far, rolling my outfit has been the best solution. It takes less space and its relatively wrinkle-free
- Shoes must be packed separately or it'll takes too much space
- Skin care items and toiletries (shampoo, etc) must be stored on the bottom of the suitcase cause its the heaviest and if you put it on top, it might ruin your shoes/bras
-Shoes should be rolled in a tee shirt/other items to keep it from being flatten
- Put your undergarments last cause you can easily slip them in
-Don't worry about forgetting a toothbrush or a sunblock, chances are, you will be in a city where a convinience store will be within reach
- Do worry about items you can't easily buy, such as a charger or your personal medicines

Thank you for reading. I hope this might be some kind of useful..
Happy holiday!

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Simple Giveaway Winner

Congratulations are in order  for these three lucky ladies!
1) Wulan Wu
2) Ayu Puspita Ningrum
3) Ghaisani Nur Shabrina

They each won Rp 100k Berrybenka shopping voucher. Will email you three ASAP!

Thank you for all who participated. I'll see you on the next post.

Happy Father's Day and have a lovely Sunday, all!

PS. My sister and I just launched our own online store! Open for all Indonesians.. Go to http://facebook.com/strangershelo and do click that like button! :)

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Sponsor Spotlightt : Easy Breezy Maize

Maize is an online brand that has been around for quite sometime.. And all this time Maize has been true to its core from the very beginning. It's all about elegance, class, and a dash of romance. Every piece is carefully selected and I have been quite fan. I ordered a few times (remember my Dear Me, Mr. Holmes and A Broken Fairytale post? It features Maize's skirt too!) and never been dissapointed with the quality.  I am an undeniably girly girl so when Maize offered to send me one of their Riviera collection, I am as estatic as a girl on Christmas morning.

Maize recently launched Riviera Collection and every single piece will make you ready to stroll around in your vacation getaway. I chose this Sevrine shorts (it looks like a skirt but it's a shorts!) in honor of the upcoming summer! That green pastel is just heaven and you don't stumble upon that kind of color very often. Decided to not tucked in the lacey top to create that easy breezy feel..

PS. My sister and I just launched our own online store! Open for all Indonesians.. Go to http://facebook.com/strangershelo and do click that like button! :)

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flower crown - Inspired by Luce, top - gifted, sevrine shorts - c/o Maize, simple bangle - c/o Laku.com, sandals - Charles & Keith

Helo Strangers!

Hello hello!
Me and my sister decided to open an online store called Helo Strangers (the one 'L' is on purpose since the one with two 'L' already taken!) a few days ago. Please show plenty of love by clicking the like button. It would be great if you look around as well! Open for Indonesians only! Also, do follow our instagram account at @helostrangers

Above pics are our very 1st Lookbook which was shot right in front of our house and the model and make up artist both are our dearest friend! I know, I have pretty friends, so why not make use of them? LOL

Wishing all of you a lovely weekend ahead!

All outfit and accesories - Helo Strangers

Bright Colors Wishlist

One of the trend that is coming for this summer is bright colors! Stabilo colors.. Neon colors.. You name it! The colors just represents the cheery sun and the bright blue sky. Don't you agree? I am absolutely in love with the yellow heels! What is your favorite?

Shop the look only at Persunmall.com! :)

Simple Happiness

Nothing makes me happier than finding a thrifted gem and it fits you like a glove. Seriously, isn't that's just the best thing ever?  It also has been raining hard for a few days and despite the fact that it causes flood and traffic jam everywhere, the air after is just pure clarity. Not to mention those dripping sound..

To find happiness in simple things is the key to have a smile in your face all the time everyday. Besides.. Those small moments add up to be a big thing anyway in the end!

"The real things haven't changed. It is still best to be honest and truthful; to make the most of what we have; to be happy with simple pleasures; and have courage when things go wrong" 
- Laura Ingalls Wilder

PS. My sister and I just launched our own online store! Open for all Indonesians.. Go to http://facebook.com/strangershelo and do click that like button! :)

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flowery dress - thrifted, bag - Platinum Mall, boots - My Juice String, 
earrings & watch & ring - c/o Laku.com

Trend Report : Denim

Dressing up in vintage. Feeling a lot like myself again. 
Hey there you old soul! Welcome back..

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vintage top - thrifted from Chaktucak Market! , polkadot skirt - Topshop, bag, watch, and bangel c/o Laku.com, vintage loafers - bought from Melbourne

Eyes On Me

"My last night here for you
Same old songs, just once more
My last night here with you?
Maybe yes, maybe no"
Faye Wong - Eyes On Me

Hello, readers!
My store is updated! Plenty of pretty summer flowery dresses just for you :) http://escapesweetest.blogspot.com/p/shop-my-closet.html

This set of pics are from a while back.. Around April.. I never get around to post this set of pics and being my busy bee self, I haven't really got a chance to take a decent outfit pics. Hence, it must come out anyway! Definitely different than my usual vintage-y self but I haven't been feeling like dressing up in that particular way. Although I do quite miss my thrifted treasures! Are you?

Just spent my day watched After Earth (we were around 15 mins late but appareantly I didn't miss much since I can still understand the whole story quite clearly) and a delightful pleasure/business dinner. Quite a perfect day indeed.

Hopefully all of you are having a perfect day as well!

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yellow flower crown - WeAreAllCurious, jeans jacket - thrifted, white knitted top - The Editor's Market, eyeballs skirt - c/o Romwe, black creepers - Landmark market

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