Helo Strangers!

Hello hello!
Me and my sister decided to open an online store called Helo Strangers (the one 'L' is on purpose since the one with two 'L' already taken!) a few days ago. Please show plenty of love by clicking the like button. It would be great if you look around as well! Open for Indonesians only! Also, do follow our instagram account at @helostrangers

Above pics are our very 1st Lookbook which was shot right in front of our house and the model and make up artist both are our dearest friend! I know, I have pretty friends, so why not make use of them? LOL

Wishing all of you a lovely weekend ahead!

All outfit and accesories - Helo Strangers


  1. Aw, too bad it's not international (yet) ;) Haha, looks like it'll do great though, such cute things!

    Trendy Teal

  2. good luck for your shop ;)
    btw, thanks for your sweet words at my blog <3
    following you now ;)

  3. the model, so pretty! love the vintage collections <3 <3

  4. Cool ! i love your wearable looks!!
    Really really simple and bisa di contoh, bukan cuma diliatin stylenya......

    btw, i'm starting a fashion blog, for plus size girls, because i'm one. Please visit and help me give your critics and suggestions.

    Biggie Dresser


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